Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Stars Are Stingy?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Stars Are Stingy?

Q: Which major stars are stingy?

A: Everyone has a different view on wealth, and for those who are reluctant to spend money, we often label them as stingy or cheap. But if we switch positions with them, perhaps we can learn how to better manage our own finances.

Wu Qu: Those born under Wu Qu are always calculating and weighing every penny when interacting with others. If something is worth spending on, they will be willing to spend, but if it’s not, don’t expect them to pull out a penny from their pockets. So when money is in the hands of someone from Wu Qu, it is very difficult to get them to spend it!

Tian Fu: People born under Tian Fu are very practical and believe in the concept of “one good turn deserves another.” Do you want them to treat you to a meal? Do you want to borrow money from them? Don’t even think about it. To those under Tian Fu, the only person who can make them spend money is their significant other.

Tan Lang: Don’t think that those born under Tan Lang spend money like water. In reality, they only spend money on themselves and love to label others as stingy. But getting them to treat someone else is like asking for the moon!

Ju Men: Ju Men people, who are known for being stingy, seldom take the initiative to pay, and if you see them spending money, it’s likely because they need to ask for someone else’s help.

Tai Yin: Those born under Tai Yin are very skilled at pretending to be poor and making others feel like they are struggling financially. Moreover, they often struggle when it comes to paying others back.

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