Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Star Often Engages In Locker Room Talk?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Star Often Engages In Locker Room Talk?

Q: Which major star often engages in locker room talk?

A: When women sit together, they often share stories about various topics, beauty, and aesthetics. However, when men gather, they discuss more than just their careers, cars, and movies. It’s no secret that sex and women are popular subjects of locker room talk, serving as a thrilling diversion from work for men.

Tan Lang: In this ranking, the Tan Lang is in the first place. They are good at communication, flirting, and have a colorful love life. One of their goals is to have a rich sexual life, they are very willing to share their experiences with friends, and furthermore, they are truly “greedy”, as if not talking about this topic would indicate that their abilities are not enough, which is really embarrassing!

Tian Ji: When it comes to the topic of sex, people under the Tian Ji can pour out a string of words with a calm tone, adding their expectations and illusions, weaving a fascinating myth, so that listeners feel impressed. That’s what pleases them the most.

Zi Wei: As a royal star, they certainly cannot be without romantic and flirtatious stories. They seem elegant, sophisticated, noble, and with their intelligent nature, they are truly attractive to women. Therefore, when socializing with friends, they feel the need to indulge their royal hearts with stories related to sex.

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