Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Star Is Most Likely To Job-hop?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Star Is Most Likely To Job-hop?

Q: Which major star is most likely to job-hop?

A: At the top is Qi Sha. Qi Sha is like an untamed horse, enjoying the experience of every difficulty and danger, hence often job-hopping. In addition, Qi Sha likes to speak straightforwardly, without beating around the bush, often causing conflicts in communication with superiors, which is one of the main reasons they frequently job-hop.

Second is Wu Qu. Although Wu Qu is not lacking in determination and perseverance in work, when handling tasks for others, they lack flexibility, and their social relationships are not good. Therefore, working naturally becomes gradually boring for them, and after a while, they switch to a different environment to start job-hopping anew.

Third is Po Jun. In a team of employees who enjoy novelty and embrace change, Po Jun is indispensable. They detest having to work according to set rules and never changing; if there is an opportunity to work in a new field that excites them, they will definitely eagerly explore their potential through job-hopping.

Whether you change jobs for whatever reason, remember one thing: a job that suits yourself is the best job. Job-hopping is merely a way to find an environment that aligns better with oneself, so don’t job-hop just for the sake of changing jobs.

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