Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Star Has The Most Opportunities To Become A Boss?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Star Has The Most Opportunities To Become A Boss?

Q: Which major star has the most opportunities to become a boss?

A: It is believed that those who work for a salary often complain that their hard work is all devoted to serving their bosses. Some people even start calculating how stingy their bosses are after a few drinks. So who is the best boss? And who enjoys being a boss the most?

First are those born under the star of Zi Wei. They are determined to see things through to the end. Zi Wei has always been called the “Imperial Star” for its leadership qualities that make them unwilling to stand under others. However, the desire to lead does not necessarily mean having the ability to lead. They tend to be too stubborn and authoritarian, which makes the path to becoming a boss difficult. If they are more adept at communication and open to new ideas, their chances of success will be even greater.

Second are those born under the star of Tai Yang. They are good at speaking and encouraging others, which makes them suitable for leading a team. However, their excessive enthusiasm often leads to their work being less meticulous, and they tend to be busy all the time without time to rest.

Third are those born under the star of Tian Fu. They are naturally born leaders who use a gentle but effective approach in their actions. They do not waste their time and energy on small matters and only focus on major issues. Therefore, the typical characteristic of the Tian Fu is “skilled at big things, and confused in small things”.

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