Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Leaders Need To Improve Their Charisma?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Leaders Need To Improve Their Charisma?

Q: Which leaders need to improve their charisma?

A: A decisive leader in the workplace is not only the strong spiritual pillar behind the employees but also the primary partner of investors. However, due to their innate nature, the following leaders are overly gentle in a business world full of deceit and thus need to enhance their charisma.

Tian Tong: Those belonging to the Tian Tong have an innocent and genuine personality, always idealizing every aspect. In the business world, their thinking tends to be impractical, and they are not accustomed to the cutthroat competition, making them vulnerable to opponents’ underhanded tactics. Here, it must be reminded to these Tian Tong leaders that being merciful to enemies is being cruel to oneself!

Tian Liang: Those belonging to the Tian Liang are mature and cautious. These leaders are very fond of their employees but often lack the courage to venture into new fields. Therefore, in their careers, they often hesitate to advance, making it difficult to achieve higher goals. It should be noted that in the ever-changing business world, if one cannot play the game of “big fish eats small fish,” they can only wait to be swallowed whole by the “big fish.”

Tai Yin: Those belonging to Tai Yin tend to be somewhat weak. If they become leaders, they may lack authority, and their pursuit of perfection often makes them doubt their own products. In such cases, how can customers trust their investments? Therefore, if Tai Yin leaders do not follow the path of producing exquisite products, their subordinates may end up starving.

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