Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Entertainment Games Does Each Major Star Like?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Entertainment Games Does Each Major Star Like?

Q: Which entertainment games does each major star like? 🎴🎲🎮

A: Understanding someone’s psychology and satisfying their preferences is the simplest and most effective way to win their heart. Now, let’s delve into the preferences of the Zi Wei Dou Shu major stars to gain some insight.

Zi Wei enjoys games that require strategic thinking during leisure time, such as chess, or online games on the internet that fulfill their desire for dominance.

Tian Ji prefers games with a gambling aspect, such as playing cards, or exciting sports games like racing.

Tai Yang enjoys online games on the internet that provide opportunities for heroic deeds, protecting the weak, but it’s best if they can be paused at any time.

Wu Qu likes games related to making money.

Tian Tong prefers games that don’t require much mental effort, with beautiful aesthetics and customizable character designs.

Lian Zhen enjoys adventurous games that require quick thinking.

Tian Fu prefers games that enhance intellectual development, and additionally, card games and chess are the primary forms of entertainment for those under the Thiên Phủ Star who also enjoy money.

Tai Yin likes games where they can take on roles, allowing them to transform their main character into an ideal figure.

Tan Lang is attracted to diverse games with adventurous elements, but it’s best if they can be played and won quickly.

Ju Men enjoys social games or fantasy games, such as virtual life simulations.

Tian Xiang prefers simpler games, such as straightforward shooting games, which help improve reflexes without being overly complicated.

Tian Liang enjoys games that require slow contemplation, or virtual life simulations that align with their preferences.

Qi Sha prefers war games that require strategic planning, and if there’s a bit of violence involved, it’s even more appealing to them.

Po Jun enjoys conquest-style games with a hint of violence, a bit of bloodshed, or games like racing or risky ones.

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