Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Bosses Appreciate Compliments?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Bosses Appreciate Compliments?

Q: Which bosses appreciate compliments? 👏🤗👌

A: While not every boss appreciates excessive flattery, offering appropriate praise and admiration is generally a good practice. If you happen to encounter bosses who appreciate compliments, don’t forget the following reminders.

Zi Wei: Leaders with Zi Wei love to showcase themselves, and significant improvements in the company’s achievements are what make them most proud. Therefore, expressing admiration for their accomplishments after successful negotiations is the best way to satisfy the leader’s ego.

Tai Yang: Leaders with Tai Yang appreciate being involved in everything. They often personally visit the workplace to encourage their employees. If you tell them, “Even with so much work, you still care about every little detail like this. Any success achieved today is the result of your leadership, sir!” or “Listening to your guidance is like having 10 years of reading books!”, they will be extremely pleased and may even share valuable experiences with you.

Tian Fu: Leaders with Tian Fu know how to enjoy life. If you praise their attire or the layout of their office, it will certainly make them feel appreciated. If you have something special, don’t forget to give the boss a gift. This will make the boss cherish you even more.

Understanding the personalities of your bosses and expressing admiration for them at the right times can make you stand out in their eyes. So, your opportunity might be just around the corner!

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