Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Stress Relief Methods Of The 14 Major Stars?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Stress Relief Methods Of The 14 Major Stars?

Q: How do the 14 major star personalities cope with stress when feeling upset?

A: Each person will have different ways to express themselves when they feel extremely lonely. Some people prefer to find activities that are different from others, while others prefer to shout out loud. Let’s find out how the 14 major star persons may relieve their stress when they feel upset in the context of Zi Wei Dou Shu, an ancient Chinese astrology system.

1. QI SHA: Active and dynamic people like Qi Sha will try to hold onto a friend when they feel lonely, even resorting to wicked means like slipping a laxative into their friend’s drink.
2. PO JUN: Those belonging to Po Jun fear loneliness the most, and when it strikes, they feel shattered, often resorting to extreme actions like breaking kitchen utensils or smashing dolls.
3. LIAN ZHEN: Lian Zhen people are afraid of being alone when they are sick or in pain. At that time, they turn on the TV or computer and look for news about earthquakes or jumpers to see how many people are worse off than themselves.
4. TAN LANG: Quirky people like Tan Lang, when feeling lonely, will think of ways to tease others, which will immediately lift their spirits.
5. ZI WEI: Those with a royal bearing, like Zi Wei, also experience gnawing loneliness. At that time, they will exhibit strange behaviors that are beyond your imagination.
6. TIAN FU: People belonging to Tian Fu are prone to anxiety and insecurity when they are sad, and may even become obsessive-compulsive.
7. WU QU: Wu Qu people are almost always living in pessimism, disappointment, loneliness, and sorrow, even wanting to jump off a building but lacking the courage to do so, they continue to endure.
8, 9. TAI YANG, JU MEN: When they are alone, Tai Yang and Ju Men have a sense of losing themselves, often using alcohol to ease their sorrow.
10. TIAN XIANG: When Tian Xiang people feel lonely, they like to participate in psychological support classes, but after class, the feeling of loneliness still remains.
11. TIAN JI: When lonely, those belonging to the Tian Ji are the most dangerous because they like to play with emotions, so everyone needs to be careful.
12, 13. TIAN TONG, TAI YIN: Those who fear loneliness, like those belonging to the Tian Tong and Tai Yin, are most afraid of waking up to find that they are alone. They will turn up the music as loud as possible to chase away that feeling.
14. TIAN LIANG: Kind and flexible people like Tian Liang will buy a school of fish, a cat, or a dog as a companion when they feel lonely.

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