Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How To Prevent The Loss Of Money?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How To Prevent The Loss Of Money?

Q: How to prevent the loss of money?

A: Everyone has a “wealth drain door” related to finances, like a door that consumes wealth. How can you find this door and prevent it from opening?

Qi Sha: Whenever you open your wallet, remember not to be hasty. Be more rational, and you’ll be able to preserve your assets.

Po Jun: True to its name, this star suggests you might sabotage what you’ve built with your own hands. Avoid unnecessary expenditures to save more.

Lian Zhen: Stop comparing the value of possessions with others. Simply enjoy what you like, and you can save money. Is it not better this way?

Tan Lang: Communication, entertainment, and dining out can deplete your funds. Cut back on excessive socializing to save money.

Zi Wei: Appearance cannot be made into food. Maintain your “vitality” to achieve great success in your career.

Tian Fu: As a gourmet, your mouth will swallow a lot of money. Control your eating habits to save money while staying healthy.

Wu Qu: For you, the likelihood of “wealth drain” is not significant. However, if old things don’t go, new things will never come. Spend a reasonable amount to attract wealth!

Tian Xiang: The only thing that makes you spend money is for peace of mind. However, spending excessively in such matters is not worthwhile.

Tai Yang: Your biggest wealth drain is expenses related to love relationships. Save money in a suitable manner; that’s the way to go.

Ju Men: If you have a habit of flaunting every time you have money, it’s hard to avoid prying eyes. It’s better to entrust your money to family members for safer keeping.

Tian Ji: Your curiosity makes you spend a lot, but fortunately, you’re also good at making money, so money flows in and out.

Tian Tong: You love doing good deeds, helping or donating to those in need. Remember to be more discerning; don’t let your kind heart be taken advantage of!

Tian Liang: Like Tian Tong, pay attention to being a good person, but don’t let your kindness be exploited!

Tai Yin: For you, watching movies or attending art exhibitions is a spiritual food that cannot be missed. However, be selective and don’t let spending make you feel unhappy.

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