Zi Wei Dou Shu Client Feedback - M. F. Law

Zi Wei Dou Shu Client Feedback – M. F. Law

I have read the report and I will like to give a thumb up. To the large extent, the report did reflect the real-life cases that had happened in my life. I was really surprised with the accuracy of it.

Furthermore, the report is easy to read and understand as well.

However, if only I have known Zi Wei Dou Shu earlier, I should have joined the right job/profession/study the right courses. This could explain why my previous jobs were unfulfilled/unsatisfied. Currently, I am a full-time homemaker.

Hence, I will like to know whether if you can help me read my son Zi Wei Dou Shu related to career so that I know what/which course he should study/career that might benefit him more. It has been my worry because he has not been showing interest in his school works. I don’t need a comprehensive analysis as you have done before since he is below 18 years old.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t do analysis for individual below 18 years old, but can you reconsider this case. I don’t mind paying for the service.

Thank you once again!

– M F Law.

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