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Some Little Blessings In A Winter Day (Weibo)

1. Wearing a cotton jacket and eating hot baked sweet potatoes grilled by street grandfathers.
2. Tying the long trousers into the socks, tying the autumn clothes in the long trousers, and holding you in the palm of my hand.
3. Staying in bed as long as I like, and playing with my mobile phone in bed.
4. Sitting around with friends, eating hot pot, and gossiping.
5. Resting and soaking my feet after a busy day.
6. Wandering around the streets in the afternoon, and holding the warmth of hot milk tea in my hand.
7. Opening the curtains to let the sun shine in.
8. Putting my cold hands in my partner’s coat pocket.
9. Getting up early, and eating the sausage egg cake made by an aunt at the entrance of the block.
10. There is a warm bathroom heater to let me take a satisfying hot bath.
11. In the cool air, there’s a bright warm sun hanging in the sky.
12. Reading a favorite book quietly in the heated study room.
13. Family and friends far away from home call and say that they will go home for New Year get-togethers.
14. Stinky tofu with steaming soup on the street in winter night.
15. Looking up, and suddenly seeing snow from the sky.
16. A cup of hot milk tea to warm my hands.
17. Grabbing the ticket to go home on the Spring Festival travel rush.
18. Sleeping in bed for ten more minutes.
19. Chatting with old friends in the sun.
20. Eating dumplings made by my mother.
21. Receiving a hand-woven scarf from someone who likes me for a long time.
22. A warm bear hug when meeting someone I like.
23. When sorting out the wardrobe, I find that there is money in the big cotton jacket I wore last year.
24. Taking a winter trip with my family and my partner.
25. The distance by car not too far.
26. Snow not blocking the road.
27. After a work’s day, I go home with warmness and full meal waiting for me.
28. The person who spent the winter with you last year is still around.
29. When winter comes, can spring be far behind?

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