Singapore, Day 1: Chinatown And Marina Bay

My sis accompanied on this trip because I told her that I might not come back to Singapore in the future. Actually, I’ve never intended to visit Singapore, but finally set foot here because of Mayday’s Life Tour.

Before this trip, I bought some services with Klook, including 4G SIM card, Sentosa FUN Pass, Sentosa Island Set Meal Coupon, and Sentosa Cable Car Sky Pass.

After landing in Changi Airport, I bought a Singapore Tourist Pass at some booth to top up for MRT/LRT. After 1 hour on the train, I reached the Chinatown area where I already booked a dorm bed with 5footway.inn. The room was much smaller than I thought, kinda 10m2 with 3 bunk beds.

We thought hard of what to eat for dinner. Then we found a crowded Chinese restaurant, but after we sat down, we realized that there was a lineup on the edge of the pavement. So embarrassed. We finally found a hotpot and barbecued restaurant to eat… noodles. Such a wrong choice. The Shaanxi fried noodles wasn’t my thing.

We decided to stroll around the Marina Bay and see some well-known spots like Marina Bay Skypark, Singapore Flyer, and luckily the light and water show by the bay at 9pm.
Even it was past 10pm, we still took a stroll around the Chinatown Night Market to see what they sold in the area. Before going to bed, I bought another bottle of fruit juice because it tasted good.

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