FAQ: Can Zi Wei Dou Shu Be Used To Read Reincarnations And Past Lives?
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FAQ: Can Zi Wei Dou Shu Be Used To Read Reincarnations And Past Lives?

Q: Can Zi Wei Dou Shu be used to read reincarnations and past lives?

A: While Zi Wei Dou Shu can provide insights into a person’s life path and potential future events, it is not typically used to read reincarnations or past lives.

Beliefs about reincarnation and past lives vary widely among different cultures and spiritual traditions. Some people believe that it is possible to access information about past lives through various spiritual practices, such as meditation, hypnosis, or past life regression therapy. However, these methods are not necessarily based on astrology and may require a different approach or expertise.

If you are interested in exploring the topic of reincarnation or past lives, it may be helpful to seek out a trusted spiritual advisor or practitioner who specializes in this area. They can provide guidance on the best approach to take and help you to interpret any insights or information that you receive.

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