Counting Down To Days Off

🔌🍱⏰ I’ve realized that my life revolves around power outages, lunch breaks, and counting down to days off. // 我意识到我的生活围绕着停电,午休和倒计时到休息日。 … More

Very Young Age

😂🤣 Interviewer: Tell me about yourself. Me: I was born at a very young age. // 面试官:谈谈你自己吧 我:在很小的时候我就出生了 Miànshì guān: … More

Help Me Pay

💁‍♂️💰 Waiter: Hi, do you need any help? Me: Help me pay the bill. // 服务员:您好,请问你需要帮助吗 我:帮我买单 Fúwùyuán: Nín hǎo, … More

Bank Card Password

😒 Scammer: I know your bank card password. Me: I knew it already. // 骗子:我知道你的银行卡密码了 我:我早知道了 Piànzi: Wǒ zhīdào nǐ … More

I Don’t Forget Things

🧠💭🕰️ I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t forget things. I just remember them late. // 我得出的结论是,我不会忘记事情。我只是记得他们很晚了。 Wǒ dé … More

Eyes Open

👀 If I’m not mistaken, everyone reading this message has their eyes open. // 如果我没猜错的话,看到这段话的人都睁着眼吧。 Rúguǒ wǒ méi cāi cuò … More

A Waste Of Money

🤷‍♀️💸🙅‍♂️ If nothing unexpected happens, buying insurance will be a waste of money. // 不出意外的话,保险就白买了。 Bù chū yìwài dehuà, bǎoxiǎn … More