A Waste Of Money

🤷‍♀️💸🙅‍♂️ If nothing unexpected happens, buying insurance will be a waste of money. // 不出意外的话,保险就白买了。 Bù chū yìwài dehuà, bǎoxiǎn … More

Work Non-Stop Until We Die

😔 How many days off do you have per week at work? We work non-stop until we die. // 你们上班是每周几休啊,我们是不死不休。 … More

Just Hold On

💪 You can’t go to work without going crazy, just hold on. // 上班哪有不发疯的,硬撑罢了。 Shàngbān nǎ yǒu bù fāfēng de, … More

Overtime Was Born

💼 Wanting a life outside of work, so overtime was born. // 想要上班以外的生活,于是有了加班。 Xiǎng yào shàngbān yǐwài de shēnghuó, yúshì … More

Wrong Person

💔 Happiness shared with the wrong person becomes a show-off. Sadness poured out to the wrong person becomes an act. … More