Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Can Men Win The Heart Of Their Future Mother-In-Law?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Can Men Win The Heart Of Their Future Mother-In-Law?

Q: How can men win the heart of their future mother-in-law? 🤝👩‍🏫❤️

A: While women may struggle to win over their mothers-in-law, men, of course, must also strive to win the hearts of their future mothers-in-law. Although the saying goes, “A mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law with increasing affection,” it is still essential to understand the mother-in-law’s feelings and do things that please them to gain their wholehearted approval.

Mothers-in-law fall into the creative star group: Qi Sha, Po Jun, Lian Zhen, and Tan Lang. They are naturally proactive and strong-willed. To choose the right groom for their daughters, they won’t hesitate to observe every aspect of you. If you don’t mind being a bit affectionate with your partner, engage in conversations with them, the unexpected result will be achieved.

Mothers-in-law belong to the leadership star group: Zi Wei, Tian Fu, Wu Qu and Tian Xiang. Mothers-in-law of this type have a “worldly-wise mother” personality. If you know how to make them feel pleased and gain their trust, they will undoubtedly stand by your side.

Mothers-in-law belong to the support star group: Tai Yang, Ju Men, and Tian Ji. Mothers-in-law of this type have a very delicate and unusually sensitive mindset. Nothing big or small escapes their attention, so don’t hide anything from them in front of them. It’s best to be sincere and sweet, choosing the right time to share the pressures you are currently facing. Perhaps, in this way, they can help to some extent.

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