Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Are You Someone Who Neglects Friendship When In Love?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Are You Someone Who Neglects Friendship When In Love?

Q: Are you someone who neglects friendship when in love? 💗🏌️‍♀️🤝🏻

A: Neglecting friendships while in love is not a crime, but for the sake of maintaining both love and friendship harmoniously, one must strike a balance to avoid losing one for the other. Among those born under major stars with various personalities, who tends to prioritize love over friendship?

Ju Men: Ju Men maintains a certain distance from all friends, whether they are close or not. However, when it comes to a romantic partner, they completely trust and rely on them. Therefore, once they fall in love, they gradually fade away from the sight of friends.

Tai Yin: Tai Yin is highly emotional, and though they value friendships, unfortunately, their romantic partner takes up the majority of their heart. Therefore, they can only ask their friends for understanding.

Tan Lang: Tan Lang enjoys a vibrant and colorful life, making friendships pale in comparison. They are easily perceived as someone neglecting friendships. However, in their eyes, “color” and “friendship” are entirely different matters.

Tian Tong: While friendships are essential in normal times, when they have their significant other, Lian Zhen naturally directs more love and care towards them. However, in reality, if friends face difficulties, they will still eagerly offer help.

Lian Zhen: Lian Zhen prefers a partner who is more capable than themselves. Once they identify their significant other, they will wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to them, quickly leaving behind their friends.

Among close friends, the phrase “neglecting friendships” is often used to criticize those who become cold towards friends after entering a romantic relationship. In reality, there is nothing wrong with channeling all your emotions to your partner. However, if you can manage to balance the relationships between love and friendship, you can still have both.

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