Not Accepting Yourself Is Weak, Accepting Yourself Completely Is Strong (Weibo)

When you are young, you need other people to help you know yourself. The so-called “injury” means that you can’t accept a part of yourself presented by others, and you mistake this part of “yourself” as “yourself brought by others”. You always think that everything is the fault of others, and consider your disapproval of “yourself brought by others” as injury. This is exactly the weakness of the youth.

Through the baptism of the years, you are no longer easily vulnerable. The first reason is that you no longer need to know yourself through others; the second reason is that you have gradually established and accepted your own complete self-image, which will no longer be easily influenced by other people’s judgments or how others like you. This is what people call being strong.

Therefore, not accepting yourself is weak, accepting yourself completely is strong.

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