15 Tips To Help You Become Gentle And Tough (Weibo)

1. You must find something other than love that can make you stand strong on the ground with your feet. You have to find a way to earn a living. It’s not too late to think about it now. You must gradually transform those floating thoughts into clear ideas and simple words. Gorgeous and floating words don’t last long. You should know that what gives you enough pleasure in reading words is content, thought, realm, soul, spirit and wisdom.

2. Don’t be trivial and moaning. Don’t be so sentimental and touched. You should believe in the old-fashioned words of warmth, beauty, trust, dignity and strength. Don’t be decadent, empty, confused, abuse yourself, or hurt others. Don’t make a mess of yourself.

3. Control your feelings; you can’t want anybody. Don’t say “love” easily. When a man no longer comes to you, don’t go to him again. Don’t trust people who use tricks in love. Don’t say bad words when you break up. Learn the lesson, but don’t regret it. It is no use regretting.

4. Never agree with those who pretend to be cool and different. They are people who have nothing to do and find excuses to let themselves have nothing to do. The real coolness lies in your heart. You should have a strong heart. We must have the belief that you will not be tortured and succumbed even if time passes. I don’t say that I love the world because I’m in the ivory tower, but after I know that it’s dark, dirty and ugly outside, I will still say it.

5. Love and live. Youth is so short, don’t sigh like the elderly. You can stop to have a rest once in a while, but don’t squat down and look around. Remember not to look back when you walk a path.

6. Ask yourself from time to time what you are doing. Give yourself a great future and goal. Remember to always look up at the sky; and remember to look at your feet when you look up at the sky.

7. When you are sad and wronged, you should cry, wash your face after crying, pat your face, and squeeze out a smile for yourself. Don’t rub, or your eyes will swell the next morning.

8. Good love will always come next time. Don’t give the same man a chance to hurt you twice. Don’t believe the vows in bed. Don’t value virginity, but keep your purity. Don’t be ashamed of your desires, enjoy them well, but never tolerate men’s insults and neglect.

9. Believe in love, believe that good men still exist, are unmarried, and are still looking for you in a sea of people. Don’t say “men don’t have a good thing”, which makes others mistake you are very experienced in men.

10. Love material properly, and always know that spirit is more important. What’s more beautiful than those famous watches, famous brands and fashion is yourself.

11. Don’t underestimate a penny, you might as well earn it yourself.

12. When you are hurt by a friend, don’t doubt the friendship, but beware of those who betray you. Forgive, but not forget. Keep some naiveté like a child, and be chivalrous to your friends.

13. Be happy, cheerful, tough and warm has nothing to do with your personality.

14. Don’t be too low-key, sometimes be tough. When you are bullied, you must get it back! But don’t hold grudges. Little people’s opinions, let them go. Compassion makes a person noble.

15. Forgive the world and yourself. Tell yourself that you deserve the best.

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