Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Will Be Your Nemesis In Love?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Will Be Your Nemesis In Love?

Q: Who will be your nemesis in love?

A: Qi Sha and Tai Yin: If Qi Sha and Tai Yin are in love, one person’s emotions will surge like a turbulent river, while the other remains tranquil as a serene lake, clearly unable to harmonize.

Po Jun and Tian Tong: Po Jun enjoys a colorful and diverse love life, while Tian Tong prefers simplicity. Therefore, if these two fall in love, Po Jun will feel bored and suffocated.

Ju Men and Zi Wei or Lian Zhen: Ju Men is outspoken and straightforward, often forceful, while Lian Zhen finds it difficult to tolerate being overshadowed or surpassed by others. Zi Wei also values reputation highly. Naturally, both of them cannot peacefully coexist with Ju Men.

Tan Lang and Tian Liang: Tan Lang values romance and intense emotions, while Tian Liang is dry and lacks enthusiasm. The gap between them will widen over time.

Tian Fu and Tian Ji: Tian Fu and Tian Ji have different perspectives, making it difficult for them to harmonize.

Tai Yang and Tian Xiang: Tai Yang’s straightforward and aggressive nature, combined with a desire for self-expression, often clashes with Tian Xiang’s sense of propriety and refinement.

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