Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Stars Will Become Enemies Of Each Other?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Stars Will Become Enemies?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q: Which major stars will become enemies? 👹⚔️😈

A: Although it’s said that different people will have different ways of handling tasks, some seem to be born to become enemies, even if they initially live in harmony, eventually, there will come a day when war breaks out.

Tian Tong and Lian Zhen: Tian Tong individuals are simple and approachable, with both good hearts and personalities. On the other hand, Lian Zhen individuals tend to be proud and arrogant. The kindness and humility of Tian Tong will seem hypocritical to Lian Zhen.

Zi Wei and Wu Qu: Both Zi Wei and Wu Qu individuals have strong personalities and refuse to bow down to each other. Thus, they fundamentally cannot live together.

Ju Men and Tian Xiang: Ju Men likes to speak clearly and straightforwardly, while Tian Xiang individuals are gentle and may find Ju Men lacking in sophistication and not caring about the situation. Moreover, Tian Xiang’s rationality towards Ju Men is quite normal and unattractive. Therefore, it’s often difficult to find topics to discuss between these two stars.

Tian Liang and Po Jun: Tian Liang is cautious and mature, so in the eyes of Po Jun, who loves to pursue adventurous spirits, they will appear cowardly. What Po Jun cannot tolerate the most is Tian Liang’s preaching, and when they can’t bear it anymore, they will simply walk away.

Qi Sha and Tai Yang: In fact, Qi Sha and Tai Yang also share similarities in being passionate. However, Qi Sha is only passionate about things they find interesting, while Tai Yang’s passion is directed towards those they want to help. Therefore, when they interact, one side may be enthusiastic and excited, while the other shows no reaction, leading to feelings of self-esteem and anger.

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