JUNE 29, 2021

So 2 years ago today I left the rainy Ruoergai for Langmusi, a place they called “Oriental mini-Switzerland”. I hadn’t been climbing for nearly two days, after I checked in the hostel, I had to go up the hill nearby. It wasn’t as near as I thought, but the feeling of being alone and quiet on top of the hill was great. This was me checking the height of where I stood. 3,395 meters.

Sống là phải nghiện một thứ gì đó, nếu không bạn không cảm thấy còn sống.
活着就是要对一些东西上瘾 要不然没有活着的感觉。
Huózhe jiùshì yào duì yīxiē dōngxī shàngyǐn yào bùrán méiyǒu huózhe de gǎnjué.
To live is to be addicted to something, otherwise you will not feel alive.

P.s.: Picture taken in Langmusi (Taktsang Lhamo), Sichuan and Gansu, China in 2019.

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