NOVEMBER 26, 2019

Thế giới này ồn ào đến nỗi người im lặng có vẻ hơi ngớ ngẩn.
这世界是如此喧哗 让沉默的人显得有点傻。
This world is so noisy that a silent person seems a bit silly.

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Có lẽ chúng ta đi rất xa không phải để ngắm cảnh, mà là đi đến tận cùng thế giới để gặp chính mình. Bởi vì chỉ ở một nơi xa xôi như vậy, bạn mới có thể để thế giới lại phía sau lưng.
Perhaps we go so far not to see the scenery, but to go to the end of the world to meet ourselves. Because only in such a remote place, you can leave the world behind you.

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Đời người cũng như con đường, cần phải đi từ trong hoang vu ra đến chốn phong cảnh phồn hoa.
Life is like a road, you need to go from the wilderness to the picturesque scenery.

Anhui – Zhejiang – Shanghai 2019, Day 6: Yanguan Ancient Town, Xidi Ancient Village And Flying Home

Before leaving Haining, Jiaxing, we dropped by a place called Yanguan Old Town. It was raining a bit while I walked through some old houses, the Qiantang River Dam, Jin Young’s college, the former residence of Wang Guowei. Most doors were closed, and there were only a few tourists here. It was a pity. I wished to see more inside of the town.

Then we really left Zhejiang to come back to Anhui province. On the way, the tour guide introduced to us a dry fruit called wuyanguo (5-eye fruit) which later I found out was called Nepali hog plum. I tasted really good.

We had a late lunch at 2PM somewhere in Anhui, then we went to see another UNESCO world heritage site called Xidi Ancient Village at 4PM. This place must have been the best place of this trip.

After seeing a nice welcome dance, I was strolling around the village. There were art students with their sketchbooks, easels and tools which made this village so romantic.

I saw them drying sausages and ducks on the walls. I then went to the hill nearby and looked down the village. It was peaceful here.

On the way out, I found a student card someone dropped. I couldn’t find the guy so I gave it to someone instead.

This was the first time I looked carefully at the Huizhou architecture: white wall, black tile, arch over the gate, and horse-head wall.

Because we had to be present at the airport early in the evening, we had an early dinner at 6:30PM. I also tried for the first time the popular boba milk tea ice cream.

At 7:30PM, I said goodbye to Anhui at Huangshan Tunxi Airport and waited for the flight to take me home to Ho Chi Minh City.

Anhui – Zhejiang – Shanghai 2019, Day 1: Saigon To Huangshan Tunxi Airport

Only 9 days before had I decided to go on another trip to China with my twin sis, this time to 3 provinces/cities of Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai. My main visits would be Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Yanguan Ancient Town.

This was another trip that required no individual visa (like my previous trip to Hunan and Hubei). The 4-hour non-stop flight stopped at the Huangshan Tunxi International Airport at 9PM. Some local officials with banners saying that this was the first flight from Ho Chi Minh City. They also gave us some Chinese and Vietnamese flags. I learned that this trip was sponsored by China. That was why this tour of 6 days was so cheap. With the same amount of money, I might have bought the plane tickets only.

I was asked in English by two customs officers how many times I’ve been to China. This time I didn’t have to scan my finger prints any more. It was my easiest Chinese customs check ever. I loved Huangshan!

Because of taking photos for some local newspapers or promotion(?), it took us all an hour to get out of the airport. Around 30 mins later, I could lie down on my bed and call it a night.

Outside of my window I saw a pine tree with the top turning to the the color of fall. I hoped to see more autumn leaves on this Jiangnan trip.

OCTOBER 11, 2019

Nếu núi không đến với ta, ta sẽ đến với núi.
Since the mountain doesn’t come to us, let’s go to the mountain.
Puisque la montagne ne vient pas à nous, allons à la montagne.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

Hãy cho tôi đi theo người, cho tôi đi theo người, đi theo dòng người hối hả, nhìn về đồi núi có nhiều bông hoa nở rộ, phất phất tay áo bay.
Just let me go with you, let me go with you, with the flow of busy people, towards the hills full of flowers, and swinging our sleeves.


Những năm còn sống, cùng đi xem thử thế giới đẹp đẽ dễ vỡ này. Hễ có chờ đợi, thì có lên đường.
For the rest of your life, let’s go and see this beautiful and fragile world. Whenever there is waiting, there is a departure.


Không có nghệ thuật nào trên thế giới khó khăn hơn cuộc sống. Vì nghệ thuật hay môn học khác, có giáo viên ở khắp mọi nơi. Do đó, chúng ta phải học cách trở nên mạnh mẽ, chăm chỉ và thăng tiến trong nghịch cảnh của cuộc sống và đừng khuất phục trước những khó khăn!
There is no art in the world that is more difficult than life. Because of other arts or learning, there are teachers everywhere. Therefore, we must learn to be strong, hardworking, and uplifting in the adversity of life, and don’t bow to difficulties!

AUGUST 28, 2019

Sở dĩ thiên sứ có thể bay là vì họ xem nhẹ bản thân mình.
天使之所以会飞, 是因为把自己看的很轻。
The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves very lightly.