Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 9)

   Lu Jichi had no choice but to turn around and walk towards the Imperial Garden.

   Outsider men could not enter the Inner Palace without summoning, so Wei Yidao didn’t follow him. He made a big circle around the Imperial Garden by himself. He was so surprised as if he saw a ghost.

  … This place was too big.

   He was wondering whether to return to Shouning Palace and wait. Suddenly, a whistling voice came into his ears. Lu Jichi looked back and found that the voice came from behind the flowers not far away.

   There was a path behind the flowers. Lu Jichi subconsciously walked a few steps there. At the end of the path, a lady in a beautiful dress was squatting on the ground and groping around, as if looking for something.

   “How come there was nothing? It shouldn’t be!” The voice was muttered low, anxious and irritable, “Then how did I come to this damning place? I obviously lay on the bed and didn’t hing…”

   Lu Jichi suddenly stopped.

   The lady looked around for a while, but she found nothing. In the end, she sighed in frustration, beat her waist and stood up slowly.

   This action was somewhat rude, and it was not consistent with her delicate, elegant, well-maintained face. And the grin on her face was very special…

   Lu Jichi’s heart jumped wildly, and he couldn’t help taking a step forward, yelled at the lady with a trembling voice, “The king of heaven overwhelms the earth!”

   The lady was startled at first, but when she reacted, her eyes widened in disbelief.

   “Chicken…Chicken…” She turned her head suddenly, stuttered “chicken” for a long time, then finally completed a whole sentence, “Chicken wings stewed with mushrooms?!”

   Lu Jichi took a deep breath, “The stupa suppresses the river monster?”

   The lady’s eyes reddened, “Chicken wings have to be eaten with chili!”

   After a moment of silence…




   Never having expected his own mother would also cross to this ancient times, Lu Jichi seemed to have someone punch him in the forehead, dizzy for a long time before he came back to his senses.

   He once disliked his nickname ‘chicken wings’, and also disliked the code words that his mother had changed based on it, but at this moment, he thought the name was so good that it could even be sung!

   Fang Zhenzhu was also very excited. She walked around him several times crying and laughing,  then slapped him on the back and said, “Your new face looks good. You’re much more handsome than before!”

   “Yours is not bad either,” said happy Lu Jichi, who was pressing his sore eyes. “You look at at least ten years younger.”

   “Of course, I am the emperor’s mother, the first lady!” Fang Zhenzhu touched her face and lavish her praise, “The daily one by one maintenance procedures have opened my eyes!”

   Although the appearance of the person in front of him was completely different, her voice, manner, and eyes were all familiar. Lu Jichi didn’t speak, squeezed his thighs hard. After shaking in pain, he stretched out his long arms, gave his mother a tight hug.

   Fang Zhenzhu was taken aback, her eyes turned red. She quickly wiped the corners of her eyes, and patted the unlucky son twice in disgust, “Brilliant!”

   Lu Jichi laughed, and then remembered the current situation of them both. He released his hand, looked around, and dragged his mother into a small bamboo forest.

   “Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, why are you here too?”

   “I don’t know. I just came here after I fell asleep and opened my eyes. How about you?”

   “That day I was…”

   Mother and son crouched in the small bamboo forest and exchanged information. After making sure that the other didn’t know how to return to modern times, they sighed together. However, his mother was Lu Jichi’s only concern in modern times, and her son was also the reason Fang Zhenzhu desperately wanted to go back. Now finding that the other was also crossing, both of them felt excited and complete. The fact that they could go back or not wasn’t so important anymore.


   “Why are you dressed as Jin Wang!” Fang Zhenzhu looked at Lu Jichi disgustedly and worriedly, “This kid is a fellow who looks for death! My other son… your Emperor Brother, seems to be impatient with Jin Wang and is ready to kill him!”

   Empress Dowager She was a dull, inarticulate and honest person with no ambition. She usually didn’t pay attention to the dynasty’s affairs, but she cared about her son very much.

   She all saw with her eyes how hard it took Emperor Zhaoning to ascend the throne, and how hard it took him to rescue the falling Zhou dynasty. Although she didn’t know how to express her feelings and couldn’t share his worries, she had actually been paying attention to him and the people around him in silence.

   The more she looked at this, the more she discovered things that others couldn’t find. In particular, the original owner relied on his biological mother’s favor to Emperor Zhaoning. Knowing that the emperor would not take him easily, he didn’t seriously hide his ambition.

   You are reading the Chinese Fiction: Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 9) edited by Ngọc Ngà, and originally posted on my website I hope you enjoy this fiction. Feel free to share but please do NOT repost without linking to this page. Thanks!

   Empress Dowager She was so worried that she couldn’t help but bring out some points one time when Emperor Zhaoning came to greet her. After Emperor Zhaoning knew about it, he revealed a few words to sooth her, so Empress Dowager She knew that he had already made a decision.

   After Fang Zhenzhu crossed, she also had the memory left by Empress Dowager She, so she understood Lu Jichi’s current situation very well. Thinking of the way that Emperor Zhaoning smiled and commanded to drag his devil brothers’ heads down to death, her back became cold, she swallowed and said, “Let’s… let’s escape? This feudal society is no better than ours. One who is not careful can really be killed…”

   Lu Jichi was amused by his mother, “All land belongs to the king in the kingdom. There are no planes or trains here. I’m afraid we will be arrested before we get out of the fort gate.”

   Fang Zhenzhu also found that she had said something silly, lowered her head in a shy manner, “What can we do? We can’t wait here to die!”

   “Don’t be afraid, don’t we still have the Empress Dowager here?”

   Fang Zhenzhu was stunned, and suddenly reacted, “Yes! I am the emperor’s mother now. If I don’t agree, will he dare to kill you?”

   “No,” Lu Jichi was happy, patted her on the shoulder, “It’s all up to you, Mom.”

   Fang Zhenzhu felt relieve and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead, “Don’t worry, son. If you are filial to me, I will definitely protect you!”

   “What this means, if I am not filial to you, you won’t care if I live or die?”

   “Of course!” Fang Zhenzhu said frankly, “It is said that raising an unfilial son is worse than raising a dog. If you dare to be unfilial, I will tell my other son to kill you!”

   Speaking of this, her eyes suddenly brightened, and she felt suddenly enlightened, “Wait! I’ve just found out that I now have a son who is an emperor! Emperor! King of a country! The best man in this land! I… I can flutter around here, right?!”

   Looking at his mother who was in ecstasy and couldn’t keep her mouth closed, Lu Jichi said, “…Your reaction is so slow? Besides, can you stop first? Your own son is still waiting for you to save him!”

   “I’ll talk about it later, let me be happy first!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   Was this really his mother?


   Mother and son squatted in the bamboo forest for a while, then they packed up their emotions and went out.

   A few court ladies were waiting neatly by the lotus pond not far away—those were the people who served Empress Dowager She. Fang Zhenzhu was going to the place where she crossed to find clues, of course she would not let them follow, so she had sent them off with an excuse and asked them to wait over there.

   Seeing them, Lu Jichi immediately lifted his chin and raised his eye tails, revealing a haughty look.

   Fang Zhenzhu couldn’t help but sigh when she saw that, “You really look like asking for a fight. My hands feel itchy, let alone the emperor!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…Do you know how hard my life is?”

   Fang Zhenzhu suppressed her laughing voice. With a gentle and dull expression on her face, she said, “It’s really harder for you to pretend than me. It’s hard work. I’ll cook braised pork for you when we return!”

   Thinking of the fear of being dominated by braised pork in those years, Lu Jichi suddenly startled, “I’m grateful, goodbye!”

   Fang Zhenzhu, “… Naughty boy, you wanna die!”

   “You really can’t blame me for this. As a kitchen killer, you have to own the consciousness of being a poor cook…” Before he finished talking, he met his mother’s murderous eyes, and Lu Jichi sighed bitterly, “Then cook a lil less. “

   Fang Zhenzhu suddenly beamed.

   She was keen on cooking since she was young, but God gave her the skill of “everything could be made into bizarre food” which made Lu Jichi so sad.

   He was really lucky not to be poisoned for so many years!

   “But it’s not alright to be so schizophrenic. We still have to find a chance to be ourselves. I must be suffocated, let alone you.” Empress Dowager She was a silent type, but Fang Zhenzhu was not. She would have no problem for two days, but she would die after a long time.

   This was true. Lu Jichi let out a “well” and was about to say something when the court ladies not far away greeted him.

   Then mother and son stopped talking, kept their former estranged and polite appearances, and returned to Shouning Palace together.

   As soon as they entered the house and sat down, a court lady came in and reported that it was the Tenth Princess who came to greet the Empress Dowager.

   Wasn’t the Tenth Princess the original owner’s sister from the same mother? Lu Jichi looked up and saw a young girl who was about the same age as the Ninth Princess, but dressed much more elegantly than the latter one.

   “Queen Mother. I wish you in good health and peace.”

   She had fair skin and delicate eyebrows. At first glance, she looked similar to the original owner, but her overall temperament was completely different.

   The original owner was arrogant and disdainful, but the Tenth Princess were different. Her dark and liquid eyes were round and big. And she looked as obedient as small animals which people couldn’t help but want to touch her furry head and praise her for being so cute.

  … These two were really born to the same mother?

   Lu Jichi was deeply silent for a while.

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Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 8)

   Lu Jichi waved his sleeves, hiding his merits and fame, going to the palace. But he didn’t know that behind him, Jiang Heng kept staring at his back, her beautiful apricot eyes flashing.

   “… Little Sister Heng?”

   Luo Ting was explaining for a long while and not getting any response, but she didn’t seem to be angry when she looked like that. Luo Ting was puzzled whether she believe it or not?

   “Hmm?” Jiang Heng returned to her senses, “I see. Let’s go back.”

   The folk customs of the Zhou Dynasty were so open that women could take to the streets at will, and men and women who have already set a relationship could also go out together without being gossiped. She used to live in the border where she couldn’t see Luo Ting twice a year. She wanted to walk around more before getting married to cultivate her relationship, but she didn’t expect to run into Jin Wang halfway.

   Thinking of Lu Jichi’s seemingly casual words just now, Jiang Heng couldn’t help but curl her lips.

   Her feeling was right, His Highness Jin Wang was really very different from the rumors.

   “Go back…” Luo Ting was stunned, and asked carefully, “Are you not angry?”

   Jiang Heng looked up at him, her eyes shining like a calm autumn water, clear and beautiful, but bottomless.

   Luo Ting didn’t know why he couldn’t stand such gaze. He tilted his head awkwardly and falteringly said, “I don’t know why His Royal Highness Jin Wang said such misunderstanding words, but I, I really didn’t. …”

   “I believe you.” Seeing that he still didn’t mean to confess at all, Jiang Heng felt contemptuous and amused. She shook her head indifferently, and said softly, “Didn’t the lord next to him just say that His Royal Highness was so drunk that night? How could a drunken’s words be taken seriously? What’s more, you are my future husband. If you have said no, I naturally believe you.”

   Luo Ting was stunned.

   Just… just like that?

   She didn’t ask him who the “Third Mistress” was, didn’t make him anxiously swear what he said was true, and didn’t even have the slightest doubt. She simply took his words for granted?

   Luo Ting’s uneasy heart instantly calmed down. Seeing her beautiful face and elegant temperament which was a good wife’s characteristics in every way, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

   She was a very nice girl, but he…

   Struggle flashed in the young man’s eyes, and for a moment he wanted to tell her everything, but in the end, he lowered his head and revealed a reluctant smile, “Thank you.”

   He was sorry for her, but this was not his intention, and he didn’t want to.

   Jiang Heng smiled softly as if she hadn’t noticed anything, but the scene of him and Qi Xia snuggling up to each other behind the rockery that night appeared in her mind.

   Jin Wang was obviously talking nonsense just now, because Luo Ting didn’t make those disgusting oaths to God. He just expressed his deep feeling and not wanting to marry his fiancée to the Qi’s Third Mistress who deliberately led her to the third girl, he expressed his deep roots in love with the third girl,i and then hugged the Qi’s Third Mistress, who was equally depressed and crying, and lamented the injustice of fate for a while.

   It was very sad and pitiful, not at all pleasant as His Highness Jin Wang said.

   As for why he didn’t refute just now…

   Looking at the man’s guilty and dodging eyes, Jiang Heng contemptuously laughed inside, turned her head and pointed at the kitten-shaped cake and said, “I get it.”

   “Alright, lady, would you like something else?”

   Just about to shake her head, the scene of Lu Jichi asking her which type of cakes was delicious suddenly flashed through her mind. Jiang Heng paused slightly, and chose a few special cakes for the waiter to pack. Only then did he smile at Luo Ting, “Alright, let’s go.”

   Luo Ting replied restlessly. And when he was just about to turn around, two masked men suddenly rushed out of the alley not far away and attacked them menacingly.

   “Be careful, Mistress!” Her fat maid Yue Yuan was shocked, hurriedly guarded Jiang Heng behind her.

   However, the two masked men didn’t even look at her at all. They trapped Luo Ting who was still thinking next to her with a sack, then knocked him down unconsciously, brought him on their shoulders, and ran away like a gust of wind. Because Yue Yuan’s pose to face an enemy blocked their retreat, so they politely said, “Excuse me, thank you.”

   Yue Yuan was like, “……”

   Jiang Heng was like, “……”

   “My lady, these people seemed to be here for the Hereditary Prince?” After a while, Yue Yuan said with a pumping fat face.

   Jiang Heng returned to her senses and nodded thoughtfully, “Hurry up and send someone to the Marquis’s mansion to announce it.”

   Although she was happy to see this bastard who dared to cuckold her girl in bad luck, but the wedding date was approaching. If something happened to him, her mistress’s reputation would also be affected. Yue Yuan dared not be careless, so she hurried to do what was said, then finally came back to her and said, “Now we…”

   “Go home and wait for news.”

   “Those who came were surely ill-intentioned, would something happen to Hereditary Prince?”

   Not knowing of what was thinking, Jiang Heng suddenly blinked her eyes, lowered her head and smiled, “No.”

   Yue Yuan was taken aback, and hurriedly tugged her sleeve, “Don’t laugh, so many people around you are watching!”

   Her fiancé was kidnapped in the street by bad men, but she smiled secretly on the sidelines. If this was about to spread, the phrase “The most vicious is woman’s heart” must be put on her head!

   You are reading the Chinese Fiction: Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 8) edited by Ngọc Ngà, and originally posted on my website I hope you enjoy this fiction. Feel free to share but please do NOT repost without linking to this page. Thanks!

   “I see.” Jiang Heng glanced at her, pressed the corners of her lips, but the smile in her eyes didn’t disappear.

   “…” Yue Yuan stared at her without talking.

   “Alright, I really don’t laugh anymore.”

   Jiang Heng said again, and Yue Yuan bulged her chubby cheeks and asked her in a low voice, “Do you know who these people are?”

   Luo Ting had a gentle personality, treated people kindly, and never made an enemy. Even if he did, no one would dare to do something against him under the eyes of public—although he was a sick hen, he was always The Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince, with the entire household standing behind him. They dared to put his sack on the street so blatantly…

   Thinking of Lu Jichi’s seemingly unintentional reminder just now, and the relationship between him and Qi Yan, Jiang Heng couldn’t help but curled his lips again, “If I guess correctly, they should be from the Duke of Anguo’s mansion.”

   “The Duke of Anguo’s mansion?” Yue Yuan suddenly froze for a moment, and then her chubby steamed-bun face wrinkled with a disgust, “How could it be them?”

   “The Qi’s Third Mistress is confused, but her family is not necessarily confused. Luo Ting obviously has already have a marriage engagement, but he still seduced their mistress secretly. If I were the Qi’s Third Mistress’s family, I would not let him go lightly.”

   Jiang Heng’s tone was soft, as if she was talking about today’s weather. Fully aware of her true colors, the corner of Yue Yuan’s mouth twitched, and looked up at her, “Actually, my lady, you have long wanted to teach him a lesson, right?”

  Jiang Heng smiled without saying a word, but her eyes obviously meant “He dared cuckold me, don’t you think?”

  ”In that case, why don’t you just break off the marriage!” Yue Yuan was not surprised, and muttered, “This man is not worthy of you at all. He is not only half-hearted, but he also can’t even confess at the very least. My lady, let’s kick him, and find you a better husband!”

   In fact, if it hadn’t been for Jiang Heng to stop her, she would have rushed to beat Luo Ting into meatloaf at the Duke of Rongguo’s mansion that night.

   “No retreat.” Jiang Heng refused.


   “This marriage…”

   Jiang Heng was about to answer when a person hurriedly ran up not far away, “My lady! My lady! Nothing! Fourth Young Master is sick!”

   Jiang Heng smile was paused, her expression changed abruptly.


   When Jiang Heng was hurrying home, Lu Jichi finally came to the gate of the palace.

   Looking at the towering and majestic vermillion palace gate in front of him, he carefully adjusted the expression on his face and made sure that there was no flaw before he raised his leg and stepped in.

  He was frightened by falling into the water and had a dream all night. In this case, it had been reasonable to show real and fragile emotions, but it had been almost two days, and he still looked a little pitiful… He didn’t know how much patience Emperor Zhaoning had left, so the emperor might ask him to die directly, so as to save him from trying to be a demon again.

  Lu Jichi was tired to no end. So let be it with crossing, but his acting skills were put to test all day long. Damn, he was not an actor!

  He was walking all the way to the Inner Palace. When he passed by the Imperial Study, Lin Fulai just came out with a few court ladies, saw him, and hurriedly stepped forward to greet, “Your Highness.”

   “Get up.”

   “Your Highness came to see Your Majesty?”

   A proud and arrogant youngster at ordinary times, even if he had decided to reconcile with his former enemy, calmed down and recalled how stupid he was when he was crying and counseling, he should be… embarrassed, ashamed, and angry, but didn’t want to be seen?

  Lu Jichi pondered for a moment, his face was uncomfortable, and he tried to pretend to be nonchalant and nodded, “Is my Brother Emperor inside?”

   “Your Majesty is discussing important matters with several lords,” Lin Fulai said with a smile, “Should I send someone in to announce your presence?”

   “No, Ben Wang just passed by. Since my Brother Emperor is busy, I won’t bother him.” Lu Jichi said with a sigh of relief, turning his head and heading to Shouning Palace.

   Yes, the purpose of his entering the palace today was not Emperor Zhaoning, but his mother, Empress Dowager She.

   Although the relationship between mother and son was not very close, but Empress Dowager She was the mother of Emperor Zhaoning, and her weight in Emperor Zhaoning’s heart was not shallow. If he could coax the Empress Dowager, Zhaoning would hesitate a little when he was about to send him to die.

   Moreover, compared to the unpredictable Emperor Zhaoning, Empress Dowager She was a much better strategy for Lu Jichi—thanks to his mother, Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, his skills to coax the elders, especially female elders, had reached the full level.

   The most important thing was that now he had no suitable reason to get close to Emperor Zhaoning without arousing his vigilance. On the contrary, although Empress Dowager She didn’t care about him in her heart, she was his nominal mother. The original owner would occasionally come to her to greet her and play a dutiful son, so as to avoid being said unfilial and affect his reputation. Therefore, even if Lu Jichi was diligent, it would not arouse Emperor Zhaoning’s suspicion in a short time. As for the future…

   Let’s talk about it later. Maybe he would have returned to modern times by then.

   Thinking so, Lu Jichi quickened his pace. But Empress Dowager She was not in Shouning Palace, she was strolling the Imperial Garden.

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Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 7)

   Although Qi Yan was a dude and liked to find his way to death, he still had a bottom line. However, Luo Ting was the Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince. No matter how much Qi Yan hated Lou Ting, he wouldn’t really endanger anyone’s life. Of course, even if he really lost his mind, someone would definitely stop him. Lu Jichi ignored Qi Yan, lowered his head and opened the letter paper and looked at it carefully.

   Last night’s banquet lasted for more than a ‘shi chen’, that was, more than two hours. During the banquet, there were quite a few girls who went to the washroom or got changed. The garden where he fell into the water was the place they had to pass by. Though the garden was very large with many flower beds and rockeries, but anyone could deliberately find where he was at that time .

   After all, which were two girls that he was looking?

   Lu Jichi was looking in vain for a long time so he was disappointed. His eyes fell on the words “the Duke of Rongguo’s, the Jiang’s Fifth Mistress”.

   He didn’t doubt her, but remembered the situation just now.

   Before she got married, her fiancé had found a lover. This girl was so unlucky!

   Remembering that his own mother, Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, ended up with a miserable life because she married the wrong person, Lu Jichi twisted his eyebrows and decided to find an opportunity to remind the girl.

   It wasn’t that he meant to do anything with her, he just didn’t want to see such a vivid and beautiful girl repeat his mother’s tragedy—what if his bastard father fully awake before dying, and left the huge inheritance to the ex-wife and son? His mother’s lost youth, her pain, and her sufferings couldn’t be remedied by any amount of money.

   If possible, he hoped that his mother could go back to her young days and get married to someone who truly loved her and would never fail her, even at the price of him disappearing from this world.

   As he was thinking, a huge figure suddenly rushed towards him from outside with a “meow”.

   Lu Jichi couldn’t react as well, and was firmly pressed under by the big guy.

   “Meow meow!”

   The furry big head arched in his arms, licking his face with a barbed tongue, making his face full of saliva, as well as making him shiver with pain.

   Lu Jichi who was caught off guard, “…”

   Just when his whole body froze like iron, Wei Yidao rushed in from the door, “Little Jade, stop it, let His Highness sleep for a while… Eh? Your Highness, you’re up!”

   Don’t be perplexed!

   Yeah, even if you were, you couldn’t be seen!

   Lu Jichi tried to keep himself calm with a sullen face, “Well… I’m going to get up. What about you, get him down first.”

   It was really so stressful to have such a big mouth on his head!

   Wei Yidao nodded, and stepped forward to touch the big leopard’s head, “Little Jade, let His Highness get dressed first, then he can accompany you out to play.”

   The big leopard looked up and licked him as a response.

   Wei Yidao’s big face which could scare a child to cry suddenly showed an intoxicated smirk, “Little Jade is the cutest!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   This old aunt’s smile… And Little Jade or something, although this guy was very soft when he was small, but when he grew up, wasn’t it more appropriate to call him Big Gangster?!

   Wei Yidao coaxed the big leopard like coaxing his daughter. The leopard finally let go of Lu Jichi unwillingly. Lu Jichi got up, breathed a sigh of relief, but the he saw the leopard laying down on the bedside and not intending to leave at all.

   Remembering that the original owner would take him to the backyard for a walk and play with him every morning, Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   So tired.


   The big leopard named Little Jade was picked up by the original owner when he was hunting. The original owner liked him very much, kept him company even while eating and sleeping. Lu Jichi didn’t dare to get too close to the leopard at first, because he was afraid that the animal would bite him. But being a cat slave at heart, after playing with him for a while, Lu Jichi took the initiative to stick with him.

   Although his size was a little huge, his mouth was a little big, and his teeth were a little sharp, this big guy was actually very docile in front of his master, and he also liked to act coquettishly. Thinking of his Two Eggs probably looking like this if bigger, Lu Jichi’s fears were all gone.

   “Little Jade… Hey, would you like to change your name to Big Gangster? The name Little Jade doesn’t suit you! Big Egg is fine too, you look quite like my Two Eggs…”

   The big leopard tilted his head and gave a “meow” with an expression of disgust.

   Big Gangster? Big Egg? What the hell! How ugly!

   Lu Jichi pretended not to see him, “Did you agree? Alright, then I will call you Big…”

   “Meow!” No way!

   “Dammit, I won’t change it, won’t change it! Don’t press on me, you’re so heavy!”

   One person and one leopard played in the yard for a while, then Lu Jichi handed Little Jade to his servant and went back to the house for a bath.

   After that, he simply cleaned up and prepared to go the palace to brush up on Emperor Zhaoning’s favor—He had no clue about returning to modern times, so he had to prepare for a long-term defense plan. But the long-term defense plan or something… What if Emperor Zhaoning got upset one day, wanted to settle accounts with him and send him to death?

   Lu Jichi had to brush Emperor Zhaoning’s favor before that! Hold his thigh tight!

   Of course this was a difficult task… Lu Jichi sighed and walked out with Wei Yidao.

   It was April, spring had come and flowers were in bloom. The bright sun shined through the clouds, illuminating the earth vigorously. The air was filled with faint fragrance. Pedestrians went to and fro, making the environment very lively.

   You are reading the Chinese Fiction: Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 7) edited by Ngọc Ngà, and originally posted on my website I hope you enjoy this fiction. Feel free to share but please do NOT repost without linking to this page. Thanks!

   The scene was similar to those in period dramas on TV, but it was more prosperous and vivid.

   “Don’t take the chariot, let’s walk around instead.”

   Maybe if he was lucky, he would cross back to modern times soon. He must see how the real ancient society looked like. Thinking so, Lu Jichi was immediately happy, touched the jade belt around his waist, and thought to himself that it would be awesome if he could go back!

   The Jin Wang’s mansion was not far from the imperial palace, separated by only  two streets, one of which was called Chang’an, the busiest one in the capital.

   There were many stores on Chang’an Street, and it was extremely lively. Lu Jichi moved forward slowly, feeling like he was stepping on history. This feeling was so wonderful. While he was looking up at the sky and about to exclaim, he suddenly heard a soft and pleasant voice coming from behind, “Let’s take the kitten-shaped one. Ah Ci likes kittens.”

   The voice was a bit familiar. Lu Jichi turned his head subconsciously, and met Jiang Heng’s delicate profile.

   Today, she changed into a lotus-colored embroidered dress which made her already white skin more transparent. A few strands of black hair hung loosely and hooked to her ears made her gentle demure. Seemingly aware of someone looking at her, the girl paused slightly, her eyesight shifted from the pastry store to him.

   Just when he was going to find an opportunity to remind her, she appeared. Lu Jichi was very happy and lifted his feet to walk towards her.

   “Your Highness.” Jiang Yan was taken aback and bowed to him.

   “You…” Lu Jichi was about to talk, but he caught a glimpse of Wei Yidao’s surprised eyes from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly kept silent.

   He almost forgot that the original owner was a guy who wasn’t close to women, and wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to a girl. He suffocated, then slowly lifted his chin under Jiang Heng’s surprised gaze, and made a noise with arrogance and disdain, “Hum.”

   Jiang Heng was like, “……”

   Going over to her with such a snort, he was simply sick! Lu Jichi cried silently inside, and turned his head as if he were running away to look at those delicate cakes, “Which one is delicious?”

   Such a series of complicated actions was originally about which type of cakes was delicious?

   Jiang Yan covered her twitching mouth, and smiled respectfully, “I wonder if Your Highness likes…”

   “Little Sister Heng, I bought you a sugar figure.”

   The sudden sound of footsteps interrupted Jiang Heng’s words, causing Lu Jichi to subconsciously turn his head and look over.

   He was a young man wearing a crescent-colored round-necked long robe, looking at about twenty years old. He was handsome with a gentle manner, and an honest face.

  When he saw Lu Jichi, he was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly greeted, “Your Highness Jin Wang!”

   Lu Jichi flipped through his head and confirmed the man’s identity—the Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince, Luo Ting, Jiang Heng’s fiancé, who cheated on her behind her back.

   It seemed that Qi Yan caught a loophole and didn’t catch him. Lu Jichi chuckled inside pretending not to know him, and glanced an eye, “Who are you?”

   “I am the Marquis of Yongan’s Luo Ting…”

   “Luo Ting?” Before the man finished talking, Lu Jichi looked like he remembered something, and said with great interest, “So it was you that night.”

   Everyone was taken aback, that night?

   “Your Highness?” Wei Yidao also looked at him dumbfounded.

   Lu Jichi tilted his head, lowered his voice which seemed to be depressed but heard by all the people present, and said, “At the Duke of Anguo’s birthday banquet a few days ago, didn’t Ben Wang drink too much and go out to sober up? When passing by the garden, I heard a stupid boy named Luo Ting swearing behind a rockery that he would never disappoint the Third Mistress for his lifetime, and wanted God to be a witness. My teeth, they ached! Ben Wang also though who was so bold to hook up with the little girl at the Duke of Anguo’s banquet. It turned out to be the Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince ah…”

   Luo Ting’s face turned white as a paper at once.

  Jiang Heng also froze.

  Only Wei Yidao felt nothing, he laughed with a thunderous voice, “The Third Mistress? Your Highness, you heard wrong. Ms. Jiang is the fifth in her home!”


   Luo Ting’s face turned paler, and the atmosphere was completely stiff.

   Lu Jichi was satisfied inside, but he looked like he just suddenly understood. He glanced at the inexplicable Jiang Heng, then looked at Luo Ting with sarcasm, he said meaningfully, “Yes?” Then he turned to leave.

   It was actually very rude. But the original owner had always been so crazy that no one was surprised.

   “Little, Little Sister Heng, let me explain…”

   After taking a few steps, the voice of Luo Ting stuttered behind him. Although Lu Jichi was a little curious what Jiang Heng would do, he didn’t turn around.

   He already did what he should do. Whether Jiang Heng believed it or not, what she would do later, it had nothing to do with him.

   Everyone had their own ideas and choices. Although he couldn’t bear to see her being failed by the scumbag, he was not qualified to criticize her life.

   This was not only respect for her, but also for himself.

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Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 6)

   “Your Highness, are you still uncomfortable?” Seeing Lu Jichi staring at him without talking, Wei Yidao suddenly became nervous again. He turned to call the mansion physician back, but was stopped by Lu Jichi.

   “… Alright, I’m fine now.”

   “Really?” Wei Yidao examined him up and down, and said anxiously, “If something is wrong, Your Highness, you must tell me right away. Although you took the antidote, who knows if there’s any sequelae?”

   Speaking of which, he said solemnly, “Next time, if there is such a thing, Your Highness, please tell me, don’t risk your own safety!”

   Lu Jichi paused, feeling a little bit moved inside.

   The original owner was not at all surrounded by people like Mr. Sun. At least this Wei Yidao was really capable and loyal to him.

   Wei Yidao used to be an outlaw ranger who was alone and wandering around. One day, he was chased by his enemy and almost died. It was the original owner who happened to pass by and rescued him.

   Despite being rough in his appearance unlike an honest person, Wei Yidao was a man with a soft heart full of gratitude and loyalty. When the original owner saved him, he vowed to repay with his life. Even if it was a rebellion which was considered perverse, he didn’t hesitate to work for the original owner and never wavered.

   “Your Highness?”

   Seeing Lu Jichi watching him without a word, Wei Yidao shrank his big head uncomfortably. Why was His Highness staring at him strangely these two days? Could it be that his master really thought of him as…

   He was tangled between struggling and suffering every now and then. His mind was full of thoughts.

   Lu Jichi’s eyelids twitched slightly. He instinctively didn’t want to know, so he just waved his hand and said, “I know, I know what to do.”

   After saying that, he got up and went to the Duke of Anguo’s mansion.


   The Old Lady of the Duke of Anguo’s mansion, Princess Yonghe, was an aunt of the prior emperor. Lu Jichi had to call her grand-aunt, and her son, the Duke of Anguo’s Hereditary Prince, uncle. The prince’s two sons were also his cousins, among whom, Qi Yan, the younger, got along well with the original owner, and their relationship was quite good. With him leading the way, Lu Jichi quickly found the place where he fell into the water last night.

   However, no matter how he searched, he didn’t find anything suspicious.

   So his crossing wasn’t as mentioned in novels which was through a medium…

   So, on what occasion?

   While pondering, Lu Jichi looked up and asked Wei Yidao, “Was the weather unusual when I fell into the water last night?”

   Wei Yidao shook his head with a dazed expression.

   Qi Yan also twitched the corners of his mouth, and couldn’t help but ask, “You’ve been searching here for a long time. After all, what are you looking for?”

   This was a dull youngster, tall and thin, with a scornful smile, and a stubborn look on his face, no matter how he dressed or acted. In fact, he was indeed a dude who didn’t like either reading or martial arts. He was outside playing like a fool every day, so he angered his father, the Duke of Anguo’s Hereditary Prince who scolded him for being an unfilial son. But this guy was nice, loyal and tight-lipped, therefore, the original owner trusted him a lot.

   “It wasn’t an accident that I fell into the water last night, but someone drugged me.”

   Qi Yan was shocked as soon as he heard it, “What?!”

   “But nothing remained on my body afterwards,” Lu Jichi pointed at Wei Yidao. “Even he thought that I was choked unconscious by water.”

   Lu Jichi had been busy protecting his life, he didn’t have time to think about it. It wasn’t until going to the Duke of Anguo’s mansion did Lu Jichi learn from Wei Yidao what happened after his coma last night—the Duke of Anguo’s servants rushed to his rescue after hearing the sound of water splash, found Lu Jichi falling into the water. The Duke of Anguo’s Hereditary Prince immediately called for an imperial physician to treat him, only to find that he had just been drunk and passed out, and there was nothing serious.

   At that time, there was no one else at the scene—including the girl who tried to seduce him but was knocked unconscious in Lu Jichi’s impression, and the maid who later shouted to attract everyone.

   So everyone took it as an accident. And the story was over after sending Lu Jichi back to the Jin Wang’s mansion to have a rest. There was no further investigation.

   “So you mean… someone drugged you last night and wanted to force herself upon you?!” After listening to Lu Jichi’s words, Qi Yan couldn’t believe it. “But if you were drugged, why didn’t the imperial physician find out? Could it be that you were hallucinating?”

   Lu Jichi punched him lightly in the stomach, “Ben Wang was very sober.”

   Qi Yan clutched his stomach and jumped away, “Drunk people always like to say that they are sober… No, then you say, what evidence do you have!”

   “Aren’t I looking for it!” Of course, what he was searching was not an evidence for this incident, but a clue to return to modern times. But it was pretty much the same. “Moreover, I suddenly remember that when I left the table last night, a maid with strong fragrance touched me.”

   The original owner’s memory of this matter was very vague. After all, he was already drunk at the time, but Lu Jichi was reluctant to let go of such a clue.

   Qi Yan said with a sigh, “Some medicinal powders do work only by fragrance… Alright, that maid should be from our mansion, I will help you find her.”

   Lu Jichi nodded, “There is one more thing you need to help me.”


   You are reading the Chinese Fiction: Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 6) edited by Ngọc Ngà, and originally posted on my website I hope you enjoy this fiction. Feel free to share but please do NOT repost without linking to this page. Thanks!

   “Help me check who left the banquet halfway last night. It’s best to check where these people went and what they did after leaving.” There wasn’t a special crossing medium, and it was not a special time, now he could only count on the girls who were present last night.

   If they didn’t even know anything…

   Pooh-pooh, children talked nonsense.

   “It’s easy, just leave it to me! But…”

   “But what?”

   “The girl who was sent down from heaven to save you at that critical moment was disrespected by you…” The youngster who was serious for only three seconds smiled and winked at him, “If I found her, should you repay her with your body and take responsibility?”

   Lu Jichi’s mouth was twitched, “Mind your own business first. I heard that your mother had been looking for a daughter-in-law by herself recently, and she wanted a girl not gentle and well-behaved, but fierce and powerful?”

   Qi Yan couldn’t laugh any more, “…”


   Although his look was not very reliable, Qi Yan’s work efficiency was quite high. He came to Lu Jichi’s mansion early the next morning. But…

   “Why did you show up with this rotten face early morning? Who made you angry?”

   This youngster’s panting expression was funny, a bit like some of his friends in modern times. Lu Jichi looked at him with an inexplicable intimacy, and his tone carried a heartfelt smile.

   Qi Yan couldn’t laugh, and sat down on the chair opposite Lu Jichi, his face darkened and he said, “Don’t mention it! My home was so unfortunate!”

   “… What happened?”

   Qi Yan, who couldn’t hide things from people close to him, straightened, rolled his eyes and said, “It was Xia’er the lass! Do you know what she did behind our back? She actually… “

   Qi Yan had an elder brother and a younger sister. The younger sister was named Xia’er, the third girl of the Duke of Anguo’s household, called the Qi’s Third Mistress. This girl was frail and sick since she was a child, and she was a fragile person. In addition, she was well-behaved and considerate which made all the Qi family members, including Qi Yan, love her very much.

   But such a good girl who never caused trouble at ordinary times suddenly misconducted herself out of nothing—she got together with the Duke of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince, Luo Ting, who had been already engaged to be married. She even was so bold to secretly meet him at the banquet last night…

   Oh my God!!!

   Remembering when he accidentally found out about it last night, helplessly confronting his sister just to see her face smearing with tears, Ji Yan felt a headache.

   “Luo Ting and the Duke of Rongguo’s Fifth Mistress were engaged since childhood. Everyone knows that they will get married soon. I don’t know what’s wrong with the lass to insist such a crush on him! And Luo Ting…” the youngster was fuming with rage, “… dared to hook up my sister despite being engaged. That bastard deserves to die a thousand times. I won’t let him go!”

   Lu Jichi didn’t react at first, until he heard the words “Duke of Rongguo’s Fifth Mistress”, he suddenly remembered. Wasn’t she the beautiful girl he saw in the palace today—the Jiang’s Ah Heng!

   So, she was cuckolded by her soon-to-be-married fiancé? !

   “No, I’m going to kill that Luo guy!” Qi Yan became more and more angry, jumped up and was about to leave, but was pulled back by Lu Jichi.

   “Where did they meet last night? How did you find out?”

   “At the rockery in the middle yard between the outer and inner wings! And how I found out, didn’t you ask me to check which guests left halfway, where they went and what they did last night? I checked and checked… By the way,” speaking of which, he suddenly remembered the point, took out a crumpled piece of letter paper from his pocket and threw it to Lu Jichi, “It’s all here, see for yourself!”

   Lu Jichi took a look at it and continued to ask, “Then how long have they been together, um, how long have they been secretly hooking up?”

   This unlucky elder cousin was full of ambition and never paid attention to these little gossips, but today… Qi Yan was a little confused, but still replied, “According to the maid, it has been almost two years…”

   Speaking of which, he regained his senses and cursed more annoyingly, “Two years! It’s been two damn years! In this mansion, no one found it! I’m really… What that lass even told me! She and Luo Ting were really in love. Bullshit! If that Luo guy really liked her, why wouldn’t he break off the Duke of Rongguo’s engagement and come up right here to ask for her hand in marriage! That lass is really crazy! No way! I can’t leave it like that!”

   He stormed out as he talked.

   Lu Jichi subconsciously shouted, “Take it easy, don’t kill him!”

   “If I don’t beat him to death, I’ll lose!” Qi Yan’s malicious voice was fading away.

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

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Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 5)

   Jiang Heng had already put away the smile in her eyes when he was looking at her, made a bow, “Thank you, Your Highness, but I did indeed greet Her Highness. The princess was busy admiring the flowers. Maybe she didn’t see me, so she misunderstood. “

   The princess didn’t misunderstand, but she picked on you. The Ninth Princess were so small-minded that she couldn’t stand a girl who was more beautiful than her, and jealous of Jiang Heng’s close relationship with Qin Zheng which naturally made her unhappy.

   But Lu Jichi didn’t say it. Saying that would make her depressed. He just took a look at the girl like the original owner usually treated her, and hummed, “Alright, stay away from Ben Wang.”

   His presence was a bit mentally retarded. The girl’s eyelids twitched uncontrollably. Lu Jichi was embarrassed, but there were all court ladies and eunuchs nearby. He had to bite the bullet and continued to pretend to be mentally retarded, so as not to be seen as strange.

   The two were silent, leaving the palace one after another.

   Lu Jichi breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped Jiang Heng before she got into the chariot.

   “I wonder if you have any advice, Your Highness?”

   Lu Jichi glanced around like a thief, and made sure that no one was paying attention to them. He coughed lightly, lowered his voice and asked, “Did you attend the Duke of Anguo’s birthday banquet last night?”

   Jiang Heng looked surprised and seemed to wonder why he asked, but replied respectfully, “Your Highness, I did.”

   “Did you leave the banquet halfway?”

   Jiang Heng paused, “Yes, my maid was reckless and accidentally ruined my dress, so I followed the Duke of Anguo’s Second Mistress to the inner wing to get changed.”

  Lu Jichi nodded, his eye corners carefully observed the expression on her face, “Did you encounter anything special on the way to get changed?”

   “Anything special?” She looked puzzled, as if she had no idea what he was saying.

   Lu Jichi was somewhat disappointed at her honest expression and nonchalant voice. She had no intention to cover up a story. Although it could be seen from what had happened just now that this girl was not as easy to be bulled as he imagined, her smartness didn’t mean she was untrustworthy. Besides, the fat maid behind her didn’t look like an expert who could stun a girl silently. He nodded, didn’t ask more, then “hummed” like the original owner, and turned away.

  … He looked like sick when he hummed for nothing.

   Jiang Heng’s mouth twitched slightly, and when he got into the chariot, she narrowed her eyes thoughtfully.

   His Royal Highness Jin Wang seemed to be different from the rumors?


   After returning to the mansion for lunch, Wei Yidao came back.

   “Your Highness, it’s all settled!”

   Although this guy was stupid, his work had always been reliable. While Lu Jichi breathed a sigh of relief and was just about to praise him, the big buddy suddenly slammed the table angrily, “Dammit! If it weren’t for the spy, our plan would have been successful now!”

   The table was moved, tea was splashed all over. The corner of Lu Jichi’s mouth twitched, he pulled his sleeve and wiped it, “What do you mean?”

   “Your Highness, you grabbed the bowl of soup and drank it! It was hard for Meiren Liu to think of a way to spike his drink unnoticed…” Wei Yidao sounded tense, and suddenly raised his head.

   “…” Lu Jichi was silent for a long time before he stiffly raised his head, “So you mean that the bowl of soup I drank was poisonous?”

   “Your, Your, Your Highness, don’t be scared! The antidote! I, I, I will go find Mr. Sun for the antidote!” Wei Yidao bounced off the chair, the hilt of the blade by his waist accidentally hit the corner of the table, making a loud bang.

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   He seemed to know why the original owner had died inexplicably—all his subordinates were unreliable scams. Who would have died if he hadn’t? !

   Wei Yidao quickly returned, accompanied by a middle-aged man with a mustache, a thin body, sharp eyes, wearing a blue-gray scholar robe, looking low-key and clever.

   This was Mr. Sun according to Wei Yidao’s words.

   You are reading the Chinese Fiction: Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 5) edited by Ngọc Ngà, and originally posted on my website I hope you enjoy this fiction. Feel free to share but please do NOT repost without linking to this page. Thanks!

   This man was the original owner’s counselor who had offered many good strategies, so the original owner trusted him a lot. From the perspective of bystanders, Lu Jichi felt that Mr. Sun was not simple.

   Firstly, he himself went to find the original owner one day. Although this looked simple and unflawed, it was unusual. It would be reasonable if the original owner was a man with great talent and strength who could seize the throne, but he was just a paranoid youngster with ambition but no ability. Which counselor who really wanted to make a contribution would find such a person, treat him as the master, and give him advice?

   Secondly, Mr. Sun had no medical expertise, but he could always get all kinds of poisons or medicines. Though Mr. Sun could provide an answer when the original owner asked him about the origin of these things, the seemingly reasonable answer couldn’t stand scrutiny after consideration.

  The most important point was that Mr. Sun acted very mysteriously, and the original owner often couldn’t summon him. Although it was not strange that the expert had some quirks, Lu Jichi had an inexplicable feeling that the man might have a different identity, and the original owner was probably just a shield for him and the people behind him.

   But he shouldn’t think about these now. Lu Jichi slowly took the antidote from Mr. Sun, feeling sad for a while.

   Fortunately, the poison was chronic. If it was acute, he would have died now, right?

   Thinking of this kind of damning life, he closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

   Wei Yidao was so scared that he knelt down with a puff of fright. Lu Jichi was taken aback, opened his eyes, and saw the big buddy tremblingly said with tears in his eyes, “His Highness didn’t whip me, but sighed silently. Mr. Sun, was he… stupid by poison?!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   Bring a whip, he would kill this guy!


  The antidote given by Mr. Sun worked very quickly. After taking it, the mansion physician called by Wei Yidao told Lu Jichi that the toxins in his body had been cleaned up.

   Lu Jichi nodded, and the old physician simply exhorted a few more words, then he excused himself.

   Wei Yidao was punished by Lu Jichi with push-ups out in the yard, leaving Lu Jichi and Mr. Sun alone in the room.

   “Your Highness, why did you suddenly halt the plan?”

   Looking at the middle-aged man furrowed his eyebrows in an unsatisfying expression, Lu Jichi narrowed his eyes.

   As Lu Jichi only thought of how to return to modern times, he didn’t want to pay attention to Mr. Sun. But Mr. Sun looked like a worldly-wise man at first glance. If Lu Jichi didn’t get rid of the man early, his plan might have been exposed soon. So he thought about it, then opened his mouth, “Didn’t Wei Yidao tell you?”

   Of course Wei Yidao had already told him, but…

   “I haven’t heard about the spy incident. How did your Highness find out? And as for His Majesty, on what basis did you say that he has seen through our plan?”

   Lu Jichi looked up at him without talking.

   The expression in his eyes was a little different from usual. Mr. Sun vaguely felt something wrong, but didn’t think much, continued to say in a deep voice, “I heard that when Your Highness grabbed the bowl of soup from Meiren Liu, His Majesty was about to drink it. If he really knew our plan, how could he not be defensive at all? Your Highness, Meiren Liu took a lot of thought to get it right. We almost succeeded…”

   “So you are questioning Ben Wang now?”

   Mr. Sun was stunned.

   Lu Jichi smiled coldly like the original owner, “I’m suffering from chronic poison. I will be fine soon because I took the medicine in time. Anyway, I was panicked. Not only did you not say a word of comfort, but you also doubted and kept questioning Ben Wang…”

   He smiled, and his face suddenly sank, “I’m afraid that those who don’t know might think that you are the master of this mansion!”

  Mr. Sun was shocked. Since Jin Wang had seen his abilities, Jin Wang had always respected and relied on him. This was the first time Jin Wang had been so rude to him…

  What had happened? !

  ”I dare not, Your Highness, you misunderstood…”

   As a smart person, seeing the situation not right, Mr. Sun immediately lowered his posture and tried to calm down Lu Jichi. However, Lu Jichi didn’t want to give him an opportunity, annoyingly yelled a few times, and told him to get out.

   Mr. Sun was really dumbfounded now. He had looked down on Jin Wang who was ambitious but incapable, so he was gradually dominant courtesy of Jin Wang’s politeness and dared to boss the master around. But he was sure that Jin Wang would not find out. How could Jin Wang, who was impulsive and brainless, suddenly change? !

   He was full of surprise and regret. Looking at Lu Jichi’s gloomy and obviously angry face, he didn’t dare to say any more, and excused himself with an expression of shame.

   The anger on Lu Jichi’s face dissipated as soon as Mr. Sun left.

   Rolling his eyes and getting out of bed, Lu Jichi silently despised the original owner who had been played like an unknowing fool, and considered going to the Duke of Anguo’s mansion to find a clue.

   At this time, Wei Yidao came in after finishing push-ups. Seeing the guy just sweating on his forehead without being red-faced or breathless, as if he was just going out for a troll, Lu Jichi, who just unintentionally punished him, was shocked, “Did you finish five hundred push-ups?”

   Wei Yidao patted his chest with an emotion of “His Highness is so gentle today,” and said, “I can do another five hundred!”

   Lu Jichi who huffed and puffed after doing one hundred push-ups was like, “…”

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