Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 9)

   Lu Jichi had no choice but to turn around and walk towards the Imperial Garden.

   Outsider men could not enter the Inner Palace without summoning, so Wei Yidao didn’t follow him. He made a big circle around the Imperial Garden by himself. He was so surprised as if he saw a ghost.

  … This place was too big.

   He was wondering whether to return to Shouning Palace and wait. Suddenly, a whistling voice came into his ears. Lu Jichi looked back and found that the voice came from behind the flowers not far away.

   There was a path behind the flowers. Lu Jichi subconsciously walked a few steps there. At the end of the path, a lady in a beautiful dress was squatting on the ground and groping around, as if looking for something.

   “How come there was nothing? It shouldn’t be!” The voice was muttered low, anxious and irritable, “Then how did I come to this damning place? I obviously lay on the bed and didn’t hing…”

   Lu Jichi suddenly stopped.

   The lady looked around for a while, but she found nothing. In the end, she sighed in frustration, beat her waist and stood up slowly.

   This action was somewhat rude, and it was not consistent with her delicate, elegant, well-maintained face. And the grin on her face was very special…

   Lu Jichi’s heart jumped wildly, and he couldn’t help taking a step forward, yelled at the lady with a trembling voice, “The king of heaven overwhelms the earth!”

   The lady was startled at first, but when she reacted, her eyes widened in disbelief.

   “Chicken…Chicken…” She turned her head suddenly, stuttered “chicken” for a long time, then finally completed a whole sentence, “Chicken wings stewed with mushrooms?!”

   Lu Jichi took a deep breath, “The stupa suppresses the river monster?”

   The lady’s eyes reddened, “Chicken wings have to be eaten with chili!”

   After a moment of silence…




   Never having expected his own mother would also cross to this ancient times, Lu Jichi seemed to have someone punch him in the forehead, dizzy for a long time before he came back to his senses.

   He once disliked his nickname ‘chicken wings’, and also disliked the code words that his mother had changed based on it, but at this moment, he thought the name was so good that it could even be sung!

   Fang Zhenzhu was also very excited. She walked around him several times crying and laughing,  then slapped him on the back and said, “Your new face looks good. You’re much more handsome than before!”

   “Yours is not bad either,” said happy Lu Jichi, who was pressing his sore eyes. “You look at at least ten years younger.”

   “Of course, I am the emperor’s mother, the first lady!” Fang Zhenzhu touched her face and lavish her praise, “The daily one by one maintenance procedures have opened my eyes!”

   Although the appearance of the person in front of him was completely different, her voice, manner, and eyes were all familiar. Lu Jichi didn’t speak, squeezed his thighs hard. After shaking in pain, he stretched out his long arms, gave his mother a tight hug.

   Fang Zhenzhu was taken aback, her eyes turned red. She quickly wiped the corners of her eyes, and patted the unlucky son twice in disgust, “Brilliant!”

   Lu Jichi laughed, and then remembered the current situation of them both. He released his hand, looked around, and dragged his mother into a small bamboo forest.

   “Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, why are you here too?”

   “I don’t know. I just came here after I fell asleep and opened my eyes. How about you?”

   “That day I was…”

   Mother and son crouched in the small bamboo forest and exchanged information. After making sure that the other didn’t know how to return to modern times, they sighed together. However, his mother was Lu Jichi’s only concern in modern times, and her son was also the reason Fang Zhenzhu desperately wanted to go back. Now finding that the other was also crossing, both of them felt excited and complete. The fact that they could go back or not wasn’t so important anymore.


   “Why are you dressed as Jin Wang!” Fang Zhenzhu looked at Lu Jichi disgustedly and worriedly, “This kid is a fellow who looks for death! My other son… your Emperor Brother, seems to be impatient with Jin Wang and is ready to kill him!”

   Empress Dowager She was a dull, inarticulate and honest person with no ambition. She usually didn’t pay attention to the dynasty’s affairs, but she cared about her son very much.

   She all saw with her eyes how hard it took Emperor Zhaoning to ascend the throne, and how hard it took him to rescue the falling Zhou dynasty. Although she didn’t know how to express her feelings and couldn’t share his worries, she had actually been paying attention to him and the people around him in silence.

   The more she looked at this, the more she discovered things that others couldn’t find. In particular, the original owner relied on his biological mother’s favor to Emperor Zhaoning. Knowing that the emperor would not take him easily, he didn’t seriously hide his ambition.

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   Empress Dowager She was so worried that she couldn’t help but bring out some points one time when Emperor Zhaoning came to greet her. After Emperor Zhaoning knew about it, he revealed a few words to sooth her, so Empress Dowager She knew that he had already made a decision.

   After Fang Zhenzhu crossed, she also had the memory left by Empress Dowager She, so she understood Lu Jichi’s current situation very well. Thinking of the way that Emperor Zhaoning smiled and commanded to drag his devil brothers’ heads down to death, her back became cold, she swallowed and said, “Let’s… let’s escape? This feudal society is no better than ours. One who is not careful can really be killed…”

   Lu Jichi was amused by his mother, “All land belongs to the king in the kingdom. There are no planes or trains here. I’m afraid we will be arrested before we get out of the fort gate.”

   Fang Zhenzhu also found that she had said something silly, lowered her head in a shy manner, “What can we do? We can’t wait here to die!”

   “Don’t be afraid, don’t we still have the Empress Dowager here?”

   Fang Zhenzhu was stunned, and suddenly reacted, “Yes! I am the emperor’s mother now. If I don’t agree, will he dare to kill you?”

   “No,” Lu Jichi was happy, patted her on the shoulder, “It’s all up to you, Mom.”

   Fang Zhenzhu felt relieve and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead, “Don’t worry, son. If you are filial to me, I will definitely protect you!”

   “What this means, if I am not filial to you, you won’t care if I live or die?”

   “Of course!” Fang Zhenzhu said frankly, “It is said that raising an unfilial son is worse than raising a dog. If you dare to be unfilial, I will tell my other son to kill you!”

   Speaking of this, her eyes suddenly brightened, and she felt suddenly enlightened, “Wait! I’ve just found out that I now have a son who is an emperor! Emperor! King of a country! The best man in this land! I… I can flutter around here, right?!”

   Looking at his mother who was in ecstasy and couldn’t keep her mouth closed, Lu Jichi said, “…Your reaction is so slow? Besides, can you stop first? Your own son is still waiting for you to save him!”

   “I’ll talk about it later, let me be happy first!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   Was this really his mother?


   Mother and son squatted in the bamboo forest for a while, then they packed up their emotions and went out.

   A few court ladies were waiting neatly by the lotus pond not far away—those were the people who served Empress Dowager She. Fang Zhenzhu was going to the place where she crossed to find clues, of course she would not let them follow, so she had sent them off with an excuse and asked them to wait over there.

   Seeing them, Lu Jichi immediately lifted his chin and raised his eye tails, revealing a haughty look.

   Fang Zhenzhu couldn’t help but sigh when she saw that, “You really look like asking for a fight. My hands feel itchy, let alone the emperor!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…Do you know how hard my life is?”

   Fang Zhenzhu suppressed her laughing voice. With a gentle and dull expression on her face, she said, “It’s really harder for you to pretend than me. It’s hard work. I’ll cook braised pork for you when we return!”

   Thinking of the fear of being dominated by braised pork in those years, Lu Jichi suddenly startled, “I’m grateful, goodbye!”

   Fang Zhenzhu, “… Naughty boy, you wanna die!”

   “You really can’t blame me for this. As a kitchen killer, you have to own the consciousness of being a poor cook…” Before he finished talking, he met his mother’s murderous eyes, and Lu Jichi sighed bitterly, “Then cook a lil less. “

   Fang Zhenzhu suddenly beamed.

   She was keen on cooking since she was young, but God gave her the skill of “everything could be made into bizarre food” which made Lu Jichi so sad.

   He was really lucky not to be poisoned for so many years!

   “But it’s not alright to be so schizophrenic. We still have to find a chance to be ourselves. I must be suffocated, let alone you.” Empress Dowager She was a silent type, but Fang Zhenzhu was not. She would have no problem for two days, but she would die after a long time.

   This was true. Lu Jichi let out a “well” and was about to say something when the court ladies not far away greeted him.

   Then mother and son stopped talking, kept their former estranged and polite appearances, and returned to Shouning Palace together.

   As soon as they entered the house and sat down, a court lady came in and reported that it was the Tenth Princess who came to greet the Empress Dowager.

   Wasn’t the Tenth Princess the original owner’s sister from the same mother? Lu Jichi looked up and saw a young girl who was about the same age as the Ninth Princess, but dressed much more elegantly than the latter one.

   “Queen Mother. I wish you in good health and peace.”

   She had fair skin and delicate eyebrows. At first glance, she looked similar to the original owner, but her overall temperament was completely different.

   The original owner was arrogant and disdainful, but the Tenth Princess were different. Her dark and liquid eyes were round and big. And she looked as obedient as small animals which people couldn’t help but want to touch her furry head and praise her for being so cute.

  … These two were really born to the same mother?

   Lu Jichi was deeply silent for a while.

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