Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 8)

   Lu Jichi waved his sleeves, hiding his merits and fame, going to the palace. But he didn’t know that behind him, Jiang Heng kept staring at his back, her beautiful apricot eyes flashing.

   “… Little Sister Heng?”

   Luo Ting was explaining for a long while and not getting any response, but she didn’t seem to be angry when she looked like that. Luo Ting was puzzled whether she believe it or not?

   “Hmm?” Jiang Heng returned to her senses, “I see. Let’s go back.”

   The folk customs of the Zhou Dynasty were so open that women could take to the streets at will, and men and women who have already set a relationship could also go out together without being gossiped. She used to live in the border where she couldn’t see Luo Ting twice a year. She wanted to walk around more before getting married to cultivate her relationship, but she didn’t expect to run into Jin Wang halfway.

   Thinking of Lu Jichi’s seemingly casual words just now, Jiang Heng couldn’t help but curl her lips.

   Her feeling was right, His Highness Jin Wang was really very different from the rumors.

   “Go back…” Luo Ting was stunned, and asked carefully, “Are you not angry?”

   Jiang Heng looked up at him, her eyes shining like a calm autumn water, clear and beautiful, but bottomless.

   Luo Ting didn’t know why he couldn’t stand such gaze. He tilted his head awkwardly and falteringly said, “I don’t know why His Royal Highness Jin Wang said such misunderstanding words, but I, I really didn’t. …”

   “I believe you.” Seeing that he still didn’t mean to confess at all, Jiang Heng felt contemptuous and amused. She shook her head indifferently, and said softly, “Didn’t the lord next to him just say that His Royal Highness was so drunk that night? How could a drunken’s words be taken seriously? What’s more, you are my future husband. If you have said no, I naturally believe you.”

   Luo Ting was stunned.

   Just… just like that?

   She didn’t ask him who the “Third Mistress” was, didn’t make him anxiously swear what he said was true, and didn’t even have the slightest doubt. She simply took his words for granted?

   Luo Ting’s uneasy heart instantly calmed down. Seeing her beautiful face and elegant temperament which was a good wife’s characteristics in every way, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

   She was a very nice girl, but he…

   Struggle flashed in the young man’s eyes, and for a moment he wanted to tell her everything, but in the end, he lowered his head and revealed a reluctant smile, “Thank you.”

   He was sorry for her, but this was not his intention, and he didn’t want to.

   Jiang Heng smiled softly as if she hadn’t noticed anything, but the scene of him and Qi Xia snuggling up to each other behind the rockery that night appeared in her mind.

   Jin Wang was obviously talking nonsense just now, because Luo Ting didn’t make those disgusting oaths to God. He just expressed his deep feeling and not wanting to marry his fiancée to the Qi’s Third Mistress who deliberately led her to the third girl, he expressed his deep roots in love with the third girl,i and then hugged the Qi’s Third Mistress, who was equally depressed and crying, and lamented the injustice of fate for a while.

   It was very sad and pitiful, not at all pleasant as His Highness Jin Wang said.

   As for why he didn’t refute just now…

   Looking at the man’s guilty and dodging eyes, Jiang Heng contemptuously laughed inside, turned her head and pointed at the kitten-shaped cake and said, “I get it.”

   “Alright, lady, would you like something else?”

   Just about to shake her head, the scene of Lu Jichi asking her which type of cakes was delicious suddenly flashed through her mind. Jiang Heng paused slightly, and chose a few special cakes for the waiter to pack. Only then did he smile at Luo Ting, “Alright, let’s go.”

   Luo Ting replied restlessly. And when he was just about to turn around, two masked men suddenly rushed out of the alley not far away and attacked them menacingly.

   “Be careful, Mistress!” Her fat maid Yue Yuan was shocked, hurriedly guarded Jiang Heng behind her.

   However, the two masked men didn’t even look at her at all. They trapped Luo Ting who was still thinking next to her with a sack, then knocked him down unconsciously, brought him on their shoulders, and ran away like a gust of wind. Because Yue Yuan’s pose to face an enemy blocked their retreat, so they politely said, “Excuse me, thank you.”

   Yue Yuan was like, “……”

   Jiang Heng was like, “……”

   “My lady, these people seemed to be here for the Hereditary Prince?” After a while, Yue Yuan said with a pumping fat face.

   Jiang Heng returned to her senses and nodded thoughtfully, “Hurry up and send someone to the Marquis’s mansion to announce it.”

   Although she was happy to see this bastard who dared to cuckold her girl in bad luck, but the wedding date was approaching. If something happened to him, her mistress’s reputation would also be affected. Yue Yuan dared not be careless, so she hurried to do what was said, then finally came back to her and said, “Now we…”

   “Go home and wait for news.”

   “Those who came were surely ill-intentioned, would something happen to Hereditary Prince?”

   Not knowing of what was thinking, Jiang Heng suddenly blinked her eyes, lowered her head and smiled, “No.”

   Yue Yuan was taken aback, and hurriedly tugged her sleeve, “Don’t laugh, so many people around you are watching!”

   Her fiancé was kidnapped in the street by bad men, but she smiled secretly on the sidelines. If this was about to spread, the phrase “The most vicious is woman’s heart” must be put on her head!

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   “I see.” Jiang Heng glanced at her, pressed the corners of her lips, but the smile in her eyes didn’t disappear.

   “…” Yue Yuan stared at her without talking.

   “Alright, I really don’t laugh anymore.”

   Jiang Heng said again, and Yue Yuan bulged her chubby cheeks and asked her in a low voice, “Do you know who these people are?”

   Luo Ting had a gentle personality, treated people kindly, and never made an enemy. Even if he did, no one would dare to do something against him under the eyes of public—although he was a sick hen, he was always The Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince, with the entire household standing behind him. They dared to put his sack on the street so blatantly…

   Thinking of Lu Jichi’s seemingly unintentional reminder just now, and the relationship between him and Qi Yan, Jiang Heng couldn’t help but curled his lips again, “If I guess correctly, they should be from the Duke of Anguo’s mansion.”

   “The Duke of Anguo’s mansion?” Yue Yuan suddenly froze for a moment, and then her chubby steamed-bun face wrinkled with a disgust, “How could it be them?”

   “The Qi’s Third Mistress is confused, but her family is not necessarily confused. Luo Ting obviously has already have a marriage engagement, but he still seduced their mistress secretly. If I were the Qi’s Third Mistress’s family, I would not let him go lightly.”

   Jiang Heng’s tone was soft, as if she was talking about today’s weather. Fully aware of her true colors, the corner of Yue Yuan’s mouth twitched, and looked up at her, “Actually, my lady, you have long wanted to teach him a lesson, right?”

  Jiang Heng smiled without saying a word, but her eyes obviously meant “He dared cuckold me, don’t you think?”

  ”In that case, why don’t you just break off the marriage!” Yue Yuan was not surprised, and muttered, “This man is not worthy of you at all. He is not only half-hearted, but he also can’t even confess at the very least. My lady, let’s kick him, and find you a better husband!”

   In fact, if it hadn’t been for Jiang Heng to stop her, she would have rushed to beat Luo Ting into meatloaf at the Duke of Rongguo’s mansion that night.

   “No retreat.” Jiang Heng refused.


   “This marriage…”

   Jiang Heng was about to answer when a person hurriedly ran up not far away, “My lady! My lady! Nothing! Fourth Young Master is sick!”

   Jiang Heng smile was paused, her expression changed abruptly.


   When Jiang Heng was hurrying home, Lu Jichi finally came to the gate of the palace.

   Looking at the towering and majestic vermillion palace gate in front of him, he carefully adjusted the expression on his face and made sure that there was no flaw before he raised his leg and stepped in.

  He was frightened by falling into the water and had a dream all night. In this case, it had been reasonable to show real and fragile emotions, but it had been almost two days, and he still looked a little pitiful… He didn’t know how much patience Emperor Zhaoning had left, so the emperor might ask him to die directly, so as to save him from trying to be a demon again.

  Lu Jichi was tired to no end. So let be it with crossing, but his acting skills were put to test all day long. Damn, he was not an actor!

  He was walking all the way to the Inner Palace. When he passed by the Imperial Study, Lin Fulai just came out with a few court ladies, saw him, and hurriedly stepped forward to greet, “Your Highness.”

   “Get up.”

   “Your Highness came to see Your Majesty?”

   A proud and arrogant youngster at ordinary times, even if he had decided to reconcile with his former enemy, calmed down and recalled how stupid he was when he was crying and counseling, he should be… embarrassed, ashamed, and angry, but didn’t want to be seen?

  Lu Jichi pondered for a moment, his face was uncomfortable, and he tried to pretend to be nonchalant and nodded, “Is my Brother Emperor inside?”

   “Your Majesty is discussing important matters with several lords,” Lin Fulai said with a smile, “Should I send someone in to announce your presence?”

   “No, Ben Wang just passed by. Since my Brother Emperor is busy, I won’t bother him.” Lu Jichi said with a sigh of relief, turning his head and heading to Shouning Palace.

   Yes, the purpose of his entering the palace today was not Emperor Zhaoning, but his mother, Empress Dowager She.

   Although the relationship between mother and son was not very close, but Empress Dowager She was the mother of Emperor Zhaoning, and her weight in Emperor Zhaoning’s heart was not shallow. If he could coax the Empress Dowager, Zhaoning would hesitate a little when he was about to send him to die.

   Moreover, compared to the unpredictable Emperor Zhaoning, Empress Dowager She was a much better strategy for Lu Jichi—thanks to his mother, Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, his skills to coax the elders, especially female elders, had reached the full level.

   The most important thing was that now he had no suitable reason to get close to Emperor Zhaoning without arousing his vigilance. On the contrary, although Empress Dowager She didn’t care about him in her heart, she was his nominal mother. The original owner would occasionally come to her to greet her and play a dutiful son, so as to avoid being said unfilial and affect his reputation. Therefore, even if Lu Jichi was diligent, it would not arouse Emperor Zhaoning’s suspicion in a short time. As for the future…

   Let’s talk about it later. Maybe he would have returned to modern times by then.

   Thinking so, Lu Jichi quickened his pace. But Empress Dowager She was not in Shouning Palace, she was strolling the Imperial Garden.

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