Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 7)

   Although Qi Yan was a dude and liked to find his way to death, he still had a bottom line. However, Luo Ting was the Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince. No matter how much Qi Yan hated Lou Ting, he wouldn’t really endanger anyone’s life. Of course, even if he really lost his mind, someone would definitely stop him. Lu Jichi ignored Qi Yan, lowered his head and opened the letter paper and looked at it carefully.

   Last night’s banquet lasted for more than a ‘shi chen’, that was, more than two hours. During the banquet, there were quite a few girls who went to the washroom or got changed. The garden where he fell into the water was the place they had to pass by. Though the garden was very large with many flower beds and rockeries, but anyone could deliberately find where he was at that time .

   After all, which were two girls that he was looking?

   Lu Jichi was looking in vain for a long time so he was disappointed. His eyes fell on the words “the Duke of Rongguo’s, the Jiang’s Fifth Mistress”.

   He didn’t doubt her, but remembered the situation just now.

   Before she got married, her fiancé had found a lover. This girl was so unlucky!

   Remembering that his own mother, Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, ended up with a miserable life because she married the wrong person, Lu Jichi twisted his eyebrows and decided to find an opportunity to remind the girl.

   It wasn’t that he meant to do anything with her, he just didn’t want to see such a vivid and beautiful girl repeat his mother’s tragedy—what if his bastard father fully awake before dying, and left the huge inheritance to the ex-wife and son? His mother’s lost youth, her pain, and her sufferings couldn’t be remedied by any amount of money.

   If possible, he hoped that his mother could go back to her young days and get married to someone who truly loved her and would never fail her, even at the price of him disappearing from this world.

   As he was thinking, a huge figure suddenly rushed towards him from outside with a “meow”.

   Lu Jichi couldn’t react as well, and was firmly pressed under by the big guy.

   “Meow meow!”

   The furry big head arched in his arms, licking his face with a barbed tongue, making his face full of saliva, as well as making him shiver with pain.

   Lu Jichi who was caught off guard, “…”

   Just when his whole body froze like iron, Wei Yidao rushed in from the door, “Little Jade, stop it, let His Highness sleep for a while… Eh? Your Highness, you’re up!”

   Don’t be perplexed!

   Yeah, even if you were, you couldn’t be seen!

   Lu Jichi tried to keep himself calm with a sullen face, “Well… I’m going to get up. What about you, get him down first.”

   It was really so stressful to have such a big mouth on his head!

   Wei Yidao nodded, and stepped forward to touch the big leopard’s head, “Little Jade, let His Highness get dressed first, then he can accompany you out to play.”

   The big leopard looked up and licked him as a response.

   Wei Yidao’s big face which could scare a child to cry suddenly showed an intoxicated smirk, “Little Jade is the cutest!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   This old aunt’s smile… And Little Jade or something, although this guy was very soft when he was small, but when he grew up, wasn’t it more appropriate to call him Big Gangster?!

   Wei Yidao coaxed the big leopard like coaxing his daughter. The leopard finally let go of Lu Jichi unwillingly. Lu Jichi got up, breathed a sigh of relief, but the he saw the leopard laying down on the bedside and not intending to leave at all.

   Remembering that the original owner would take him to the backyard for a walk and play with him every morning, Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   So tired.


   The big leopard named Little Jade was picked up by the original owner when he was hunting. The original owner liked him very much, kept him company even while eating and sleeping. Lu Jichi didn’t dare to get too close to the leopard at first, because he was afraid that the animal would bite him. But being a cat slave at heart, after playing with him for a while, Lu Jichi took the initiative to stick with him.

   Although his size was a little huge, his mouth was a little big, and his teeth were a little sharp, this big guy was actually very docile in front of his master, and he also liked to act coquettishly. Thinking of his Two Eggs probably looking like this if bigger, Lu Jichi’s fears were all gone.

   “Little Jade… Hey, would you like to change your name to Big Gangster? The name Little Jade doesn’t suit you! Big Egg is fine too, you look quite like my Two Eggs…”

   The big leopard tilted his head and gave a “meow” with an expression of disgust.

   Big Gangster? Big Egg? What the hell! How ugly!

   Lu Jichi pretended not to see him, “Did you agree? Alright, then I will call you Big…”

   “Meow!” No way!

   “Dammit, I won’t change it, won’t change it! Don’t press on me, you’re so heavy!”

   One person and one leopard played in the yard for a while, then Lu Jichi handed Little Jade to his servant and went back to the house for a bath.

   After that, he simply cleaned up and prepared to go the palace to brush up on Emperor Zhaoning’s favor—He had no clue about returning to modern times, so he had to prepare for a long-term defense plan. But the long-term defense plan or something… What if Emperor Zhaoning got upset one day, wanted to settle accounts with him and send him to death?

   Lu Jichi had to brush Emperor Zhaoning’s favor before that! Hold his thigh tight!

   Of course this was a difficult task… Lu Jichi sighed and walked out with Wei Yidao.

   It was April, spring had come and flowers were in bloom. The bright sun shined through the clouds, illuminating the earth vigorously. The air was filled with faint fragrance. Pedestrians went to and fro, making the environment very lively.

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   The scene was similar to those in period dramas on TV, but it was more prosperous and vivid.

   “Don’t take the chariot, let’s walk around instead.”

   Maybe if he was lucky, he would cross back to modern times soon. He must see how the real ancient society looked like. Thinking so, Lu Jichi was immediately happy, touched the jade belt around his waist, and thought to himself that it would be awesome if he could go back!

   The Jin Wang’s mansion was not far from the imperial palace, separated by only  two streets, one of which was called Chang’an, the busiest one in the capital.

   There were many stores on Chang’an Street, and it was extremely lively. Lu Jichi moved forward slowly, feeling like he was stepping on history. This feeling was so wonderful. While he was looking up at the sky and about to exclaim, he suddenly heard a soft and pleasant voice coming from behind, “Let’s take the kitten-shaped one. Ah Ci likes kittens.”

   The voice was a bit familiar. Lu Jichi turned his head subconsciously, and met Jiang Heng’s delicate profile.

   Today, she changed into a lotus-colored embroidered dress which made her already white skin more transparent. A few strands of black hair hung loosely and hooked to her ears made her gentle demure. Seemingly aware of someone looking at her, the girl paused slightly, her eyesight shifted from the pastry store to him.

   Just when he was going to find an opportunity to remind her, she appeared. Lu Jichi was very happy and lifted his feet to walk towards her.

   “Your Highness.” Jiang Yan was taken aback and bowed to him.

   “You…” Lu Jichi was about to talk, but he caught a glimpse of Wei Yidao’s surprised eyes from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly kept silent.

   He almost forgot that the original owner was a guy who wasn’t close to women, and wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to a girl. He suffocated, then slowly lifted his chin under Jiang Heng’s surprised gaze, and made a noise with arrogance and disdain, “Hum.”

   Jiang Heng was like, “……”

   Going over to her with such a snort, he was simply sick! Lu Jichi cried silently inside, and turned his head as if he were running away to look at those delicate cakes, “Which one is delicious?”

   Such a series of complicated actions was originally about which type of cakes was delicious?

   Jiang Yan covered her twitching mouth, and smiled respectfully, “I wonder if Your Highness likes…”

   “Little Sister Heng, I bought you a sugar figure.”

   The sudden sound of footsteps interrupted Jiang Heng’s words, causing Lu Jichi to subconsciously turn his head and look over.

   He was a young man wearing a crescent-colored round-necked long robe, looking at about twenty years old. He was handsome with a gentle manner, and an honest face.

  When he saw Lu Jichi, he was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly greeted, “Your Highness Jin Wang!”

   Lu Jichi flipped through his head and confirmed the man’s identity—the Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince, Luo Ting, Jiang Heng’s fiancé, who cheated on her behind her back.

   It seemed that Qi Yan caught a loophole and didn’t catch him. Lu Jichi chuckled inside pretending not to know him, and glanced an eye, “Who are you?”

   “I am the Marquis of Yongan’s Luo Ting…”

   “Luo Ting?” Before the man finished talking, Lu Jichi looked like he remembered something, and said with great interest, “So it was you that night.”

   Everyone was taken aback, that night?

   “Your Highness?” Wei Yidao also looked at him dumbfounded.

   Lu Jichi tilted his head, lowered his voice which seemed to be depressed but heard by all the people present, and said, “At the Duke of Anguo’s birthday banquet a few days ago, didn’t Ben Wang drink too much and go out to sober up? When passing by the garden, I heard a stupid boy named Luo Ting swearing behind a rockery that he would never disappoint the Third Mistress for his lifetime, and wanted God to be a witness. My teeth, they ached! Ben Wang also though who was so bold to hook up with the little girl at the Duke of Anguo’s banquet. It turned out to be the Marquis of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince ah…”

   Luo Ting’s face turned white as a paper at once.

  Jiang Heng also froze.

  Only Wei Yidao felt nothing, he laughed with a thunderous voice, “The Third Mistress? Your Highness, you heard wrong. Ms. Jiang is the fifth in her home!”


   Luo Ting’s face turned paler, and the atmosphere was completely stiff.

   Lu Jichi was satisfied inside, but he looked like he just suddenly understood. He glanced at the inexplicable Jiang Heng, then looked at Luo Ting with sarcasm, he said meaningfully, “Yes?” Then he turned to leave.

   It was actually very rude. But the original owner had always been so crazy that no one was surprised.

   “Little, Little Sister Heng, let me explain…”

   After taking a few steps, the voice of Luo Ting stuttered behind him. Although Lu Jichi was a little curious what Jiang Heng would do, he didn’t turn around.

   He already did what he should do. Whether Jiang Heng believed it or not, what she would do later, it had nothing to do with him.

   Everyone had their own ideas and choices. Although he couldn’t bear to see her being failed by the scumbag, he was not qualified to criticize her life.

   This was not only respect for her, but also for himself.

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