Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 6)

   “Your Highness, are you still uncomfortable?” Seeing Lu Jichi staring at him without talking, Wei Yidao suddenly became nervous again. He turned to call the mansion physician back, but was stopped by Lu Jichi.

   “… Alright, I’m fine now.”

   “Really?” Wei Yidao examined him up and down, and said anxiously, “If something is wrong, Your Highness, you must tell me right away. Although you took the antidote, who knows if there’s any sequelae?”

   Speaking of which, he said solemnly, “Next time, if there is such a thing, Your Highness, please tell me, don’t risk your own safety!”

   Lu Jichi paused, feeling a little bit moved inside.

   The original owner was not at all surrounded by people like Mr. Sun. At least this Wei Yidao was really capable and loyal to him.

   Wei Yidao used to be an outlaw ranger who was alone and wandering around. One day, he was chased by his enemy and almost died. It was the original owner who happened to pass by and rescued him.

   Despite being rough in his appearance unlike an honest person, Wei Yidao was a man with a soft heart full of gratitude and loyalty. When the original owner saved him, he vowed to repay with his life. Even if it was a rebellion which was considered perverse, he didn’t hesitate to work for the original owner and never wavered.

   “Your Highness?”

   Seeing Lu Jichi watching him without a word, Wei Yidao shrank his big head uncomfortably. Why was His Highness staring at him strangely these two days? Could it be that his master really thought of him as…

   He was tangled between struggling and suffering every now and then. His mind was full of thoughts.

   Lu Jichi’s eyelids twitched slightly. He instinctively didn’t want to know, so he just waved his hand and said, “I know, I know what to do.”

   After saying that, he got up and went to the Duke of Anguo’s mansion.


   The Old Lady of the Duke of Anguo’s mansion, Princess Yonghe, was an aunt of the prior emperor. Lu Jichi had to call her grand-aunt, and her son, the Duke of Anguo’s Hereditary Prince, uncle. The prince’s two sons were also his cousins, among whom, Qi Yan, the younger, got along well with the original owner, and their relationship was quite good. With him leading the way, Lu Jichi quickly found the place where he fell into the water last night.

   However, no matter how he searched, he didn’t find anything suspicious.

   So his crossing wasn’t as mentioned in novels which was through a medium…

   So, on what occasion?

   While pondering, Lu Jichi looked up and asked Wei Yidao, “Was the weather unusual when I fell into the water last night?”

   Wei Yidao shook his head with a dazed expression.

   Qi Yan also twitched the corners of his mouth, and couldn’t help but ask, “You’ve been searching here for a long time. After all, what are you looking for?”

   This was a dull youngster, tall and thin, with a scornful smile, and a stubborn look on his face, no matter how he dressed or acted. In fact, he was indeed a dude who didn’t like either reading or martial arts. He was outside playing like a fool every day, so he angered his father, the Duke of Anguo’s Hereditary Prince who scolded him for being an unfilial son. But this guy was nice, loyal and tight-lipped, therefore, the original owner trusted him a lot.

   “It wasn’t an accident that I fell into the water last night, but someone drugged me.”

   Qi Yan was shocked as soon as he heard it, “What?!”

   “But nothing remained on my body afterwards,” Lu Jichi pointed at Wei Yidao. “Even he thought that I was choked unconscious by water.”

   Lu Jichi had been busy protecting his life, he didn’t have time to think about it. It wasn’t until going to the Duke of Anguo’s mansion did Lu Jichi learn from Wei Yidao what happened after his coma last night—the Duke of Anguo’s servants rushed to his rescue after hearing the sound of water splash, found Lu Jichi falling into the water. The Duke of Anguo’s Hereditary Prince immediately called for an imperial physician to treat him, only to find that he had just been drunk and passed out, and there was nothing serious.

   At that time, there was no one else at the scene—including the girl who tried to seduce him but was knocked unconscious in Lu Jichi’s impression, and the maid who later shouted to attract everyone.

   So everyone took it as an accident. And the story was over after sending Lu Jichi back to the Jin Wang’s mansion to have a rest. There was no further investigation.

   “So you mean… someone drugged you last night and wanted to force herself upon you?!” After listening to Lu Jichi’s words, Qi Yan couldn’t believe it. “But if you were drugged, why didn’t the imperial physician find out? Could it be that you were hallucinating?”

   Lu Jichi punched him lightly in the stomach, “Ben Wang was very sober.”

   Qi Yan clutched his stomach and jumped away, “Drunk people always like to say that they are sober… No, then you say, what evidence do you have!”

   “Aren’t I looking for it!” Of course, what he was searching was not an evidence for this incident, but a clue to return to modern times. But it was pretty much the same. “Moreover, I suddenly remember that when I left the table last night, a maid with strong fragrance touched me.”

   The original owner’s memory of this matter was very vague. After all, he was already drunk at the time, but Lu Jichi was reluctant to let go of such a clue.

   Qi Yan said with a sigh, “Some medicinal powders do work only by fragrance… Alright, that maid should be from our mansion, I will help you find her.”

   Lu Jichi nodded, “There is one more thing you need to help me.”


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   “Help me check who left the banquet halfway last night. It’s best to check where these people went and what they did after leaving.” There wasn’t a special crossing medium, and it was not a special time, now he could only count on the girls who were present last night.

   If they didn’t even know anything…

   Pooh-pooh, children talked nonsense.

   “It’s easy, just leave it to me! But…”

   “But what?”

   “The girl who was sent down from heaven to save you at that critical moment was disrespected by you…” The youngster who was serious for only three seconds smiled and winked at him, “If I found her, should you repay her with your body and take responsibility?”

   Lu Jichi’s mouth was twitched, “Mind your own business first. I heard that your mother had been looking for a daughter-in-law by herself recently, and she wanted a girl not gentle and well-behaved, but fierce and powerful?”

   Qi Yan couldn’t laugh any more, “…”


   Although his look was not very reliable, Qi Yan’s work efficiency was quite high. He came to Lu Jichi’s mansion early the next morning. But…

   “Why did you show up with this rotten face early morning? Who made you angry?”

   This youngster’s panting expression was funny, a bit like some of his friends in modern times. Lu Jichi looked at him with an inexplicable intimacy, and his tone carried a heartfelt smile.

   Qi Yan couldn’t laugh, and sat down on the chair opposite Lu Jichi, his face darkened and he said, “Don’t mention it! My home was so unfortunate!”

   “… What happened?”

   Qi Yan, who couldn’t hide things from people close to him, straightened, rolled his eyes and said, “It was Xia’er the lass! Do you know what she did behind our back? She actually… “

   Qi Yan had an elder brother and a younger sister. The younger sister was named Xia’er, the third girl of the Duke of Anguo’s household, called the Qi’s Third Mistress. This girl was frail and sick since she was a child, and she was a fragile person. In addition, she was well-behaved and considerate which made all the Qi family members, including Qi Yan, love her very much.

   But such a good girl who never caused trouble at ordinary times suddenly misconducted herself out of nothing—she got together with the Duke of Yongan’s Hereditary Prince, Luo Ting, who had been already engaged to be married. She even was so bold to secretly meet him at the banquet last night…

   Oh my God!!!

   Remembering when he accidentally found out about it last night, helplessly confronting his sister just to see her face smearing with tears, Ji Yan felt a headache.

   “Luo Ting and the Duke of Rongguo’s Fifth Mistress were engaged since childhood. Everyone knows that they will get married soon. I don’t know what’s wrong with the lass to insist such a crush on him! And Luo Ting…” the youngster was fuming with rage, “… dared to hook up my sister despite being engaged. That bastard deserves to die a thousand times. I won’t let him go!”

   Lu Jichi didn’t react at first, until he heard the words “Duke of Rongguo’s Fifth Mistress”, he suddenly remembered. Wasn’t she the beautiful girl he saw in the palace today—the Jiang’s Ah Heng!

   So, she was cuckolded by her soon-to-be-married fiancé? !

   “No, I’m going to kill that Luo guy!” Qi Yan became more and more angry, jumped up and was about to leave, but was pulled back by Lu Jichi.

   “Where did they meet last night? How did you find out?”

   “At the rockery in the middle yard between the outer and inner wings! And how I found out, didn’t you ask me to check which guests left halfway, where they went and what they did last night? I checked and checked… By the way,” speaking of which, he suddenly remembered the point, took out a crumpled piece of letter paper from his pocket and threw it to Lu Jichi, “It’s all here, see for yourself!”

   Lu Jichi took a look at it and continued to ask, “Then how long have they been together, um, how long have they been secretly hooking up?”

   This unlucky elder cousin was full of ambition and never paid attention to these little gossips, but today… Qi Yan was a little confused, but still replied, “According to the maid, it has been almost two years…”

   Speaking of which, he regained his senses and cursed more annoyingly, “Two years! It’s been two damn years! In this mansion, no one found it! I’m really… What that lass even told me! She and Luo Ting were really in love. Bullshit! If that Luo guy really liked her, why wouldn’t he break off the Duke of Rongguo’s engagement and come up right here to ask for her hand in marriage! That lass is really crazy! No way! I can’t leave it like that!”

   He stormed out as he talked.

   Lu Jichi subconsciously shouted, “Take it easy, don’t kill him!”

   “If I don’t beat him to death, I’ll lose!” Qi Yan’s malicious voice was fading away.

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

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