Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 5)

   Jiang Heng had already put away the smile in her eyes when he was looking at her, made a bow, “Thank you, Your Highness, but I did indeed greet Her Highness. The princess was busy admiring the flowers. Maybe she didn’t see me, so she misunderstood. “

   The princess didn’t misunderstand, but she picked on you. The Ninth Princess were so small-minded that she couldn’t stand a girl who was more beautiful than her, and jealous of Jiang Heng’s close relationship with Qin Zheng which naturally made her unhappy.

   But Lu Jichi didn’t say it. Saying that would make her depressed. He just took a look at the girl like the original owner usually treated her, and hummed, “Alright, stay away from Ben Wang.”

   His presence was a bit mentally retarded. The girl’s eyelids twitched uncontrollably. Lu Jichi was embarrassed, but there were all court ladies and eunuchs nearby. He had to bite the bullet and continued to pretend to be mentally retarded, so as not to be seen as strange.

   The two were silent, leaving the palace one after another.

   Lu Jichi breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped Jiang Heng before she got into the chariot.

   “I wonder if you have any advice, Your Highness?”

   Lu Jichi glanced around like a thief, and made sure that no one was paying attention to them. He coughed lightly, lowered his voice and asked, “Did you attend the Duke of Anguo’s birthday banquet last night?”

   Jiang Heng looked surprised and seemed to wonder why he asked, but replied respectfully, “Your Highness, I did.”

   “Did you leave the banquet halfway?”

   Jiang Heng paused, “Yes, my maid was reckless and accidentally ruined my dress, so I followed the Duke of Anguo’s Second Mistress to the inner wing to get changed.”

  Lu Jichi nodded, his eye corners carefully observed the expression on her face, “Did you encounter anything special on the way to get changed?”

   “Anything special?” She looked puzzled, as if she had no idea what he was saying.

   Lu Jichi was somewhat disappointed at her honest expression and nonchalant voice. She had no intention to cover up a story. Although it could be seen from what had happened just now that this girl was not as easy to be bulled as he imagined, her smartness didn’t mean she was untrustworthy. Besides, the fat maid behind her didn’t look like an expert who could stun a girl silently. He nodded, didn’t ask more, then “hummed” like the original owner, and turned away.

  … He looked like sick when he hummed for nothing.

   Jiang Heng’s mouth twitched slightly, and when he got into the chariot, she narrowed her eyes thoughtfully.

   His Royal Highness Jin Wang seemed to be different from the rumors?


   After returning to the mansion for lunch, Wei Yidao came back.

   “Your Highness, it’s all settled!”

   Although this guy was stupid, his work had always been reliable. While Lu Jichi breathed a sigh of relief and was just about to praise him, the big buddy suddenly slammed the table angrily, “Dammit! If it weren’t for the spy, our plan would have been successful now!”

   The table was moved, tea was splashed all over. The corner of Lu Jichi’s mouth twitched, he pulled his sleeve and wiped it, “What do you mean?”

   “Your Highness, you grabbed the bowl of soup and drank it! It was hard for Meiren Liu to think of a way to spike his drink unnoticed…” Wei Yidao sounded tense, and suddenly raised his head.

   “…” Lu Jichi was silent for a long time before he stiffly raised his head, “So you mean that the bowl of soup I drank was poisonous?”

   “Your, Your, Your Highness, don’t be scared! The antidote! I, I, I will go find Mr. Sun for the antidote!” Wei Yidao bounced off the chair, the hilt of the blade by his waist accidentally hit the corner of the table, making a loud bang.

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   He seemed to know why the original owner had died inexplicably—all his subordinates were unreliable scams. Who would have died if he hadn’t? !

   Wei Yidao quickly returned, accompanied by a middle-aged man with a mustache, a thin body, sharp eyes, wearing a blue-gray scholar robe, looking low-key and clever.

   This was Mr. Sun according to Wei Yidao’s words.

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   This man was the original owner’s counselor who had offered many good strategies, so the original owner trusted him a lot. From the perspective of bystanders, Lu Jichi felt that Mr. Sun was not simple.

   Firstly, he himself went to find the original owner one day. Although this looked simple and unflawed, it was unusual. It would be reasonable if the original owner was a man with great talent and strength who could seize the throne, but he was just a paranoid youngster with ambition but no ability. Which counselor who really wanted to make a contribution would find such a person, treat him as the master, and give him advice?

   Secondly, Mr. Sun had no medical expertise, but he could always get all kinds of poisons or medicines. Though Mr. Sun could provide an answer when the original owner asked him about the origin of these things, the seemingly reasonable answer couldn’t stand scrutiny after consideration.

  The most important point was that Mr. Sun acted very mysteriously, and the original owner often couldn’t summon him. Although it was not strange that the expert had some quirks, Lu Jichi had an inexplicable feeling that the man might have a different identity, and the original owner was probably just a shield for him and the people behind him.

   But he shouldn’t think about these now. Lu Jichi slowly took the antidote from Mr. Sun, feeling sad for a while.

   Fortunately, the poison was chronic. If it was acute, he would have died now, right?

   Thinking of this kind of damning life, he closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

   Wei Yidao was so scared that he knelt down with a puff of fright. Lu Jichi was taken aback, opened his eyes, and saw the big buddy tremblingly said with tears in his eyes, “His Highness didn’t whip me, but sighed silently. Mr. Sun, was he… stupid by poison?!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   Bring a whip, he would kill this guy!


  The antidote given by Mr. Sun worked very quickly. After taking it, the mansion physician called by Wei Yidao told Lu Jichi that the toxins in his body had been cleaned up.

   Lu Jichi nodded, and the old physician simply exhorted a few more words, then he excused himself.

   Wei Yidao was punished by Lu Jichi with push-ups out in the yard, leaving Lu Jichi and Mr. Sun alone in the room.

   “Your Highness, why did you suddenly halt the plan?”

   Looking at the middle-aged man furrowed his eyebrows in an unsatisfying expression, Lu Jichi narrowed his eyes.

   As Lu Jichi only thought of how to return to modern times, he didn’t want to pay attention to Mr. Sun. But Mr. Sun looked like a worldly-wise man at first glance. If Lu Jichi didn’t get rid of the man early, his plan might have been exposed soon. So he thought about it, then opened his mouth, “Didn’t Wei Yidao tell you?”

   Of course Wei Yidao had already told him, but…

   “I haven’t heard about the spy incident. How did your Highness find out? And as for His Majesty, on what basis did you say that he has seen through our plan?”

   Lu Jichi looked up at him without talking.

   The expression in his eyes was a little different from usual. Mr. Sun vaguely felt something wrong, but didn’t think much, continued to say in a deep voice, “I heard that when Your Highness grabbed the bowl of soup from Meiren Liu, His Majesty was about to drink it. If he really knew our plan, how could he not be defensive at all? Your Highness, Meiren Liu took a lot of thought to get it right. We almost succeeded…”

   “So you are questioning Ben Wang now?”

   Mr. Sun was stunned.

   Lu Jichi smiled coldly like the original owner, “I’m suffering from chronic poison. I will be fine soon because I took the medicine in time. Anyway, I was panicked. Not only did you not say a word of comfort, but you also doubted and kept questioning Ben Wang…”

   He smiled, and his face suddenly sank, “I’m afraid that those who don’t know might think that you are the master of this mansion!”

  Mr. Sun was shocked. Since Jin Wang had seen his abilities, Jin Wang had always respected and relied on him. This was the first time Jin Wang had been so rude to him…

  What had happened? !

  ”I dare not, Your Highness, you misunderstood…”

   As a smart person, seeing the situation not right, Mr. Sun immediately lowered his posture and tried to calm down Lu Jichi. However, Lu Jichi didn’t want to give him an opportunity, annoyingly yelled a few times, and told him to get out.

   Mr. Sun was really dumbfounded now. He had looked down on Jin Wang who was ambitious but incapable, so he was gradually dominant courtesy of Jin Wang’s politeness and dared to boss the master around. But he was sure that Jin Wang would not find out. How could Jin Wang, who was impulsive and brainless, suddenly change? !

   He was full of surprise and regret. Looking at Lu Jichi’s gloomy and obviously angry face, he didn’t dare to say any more, and excused himself with an expression of shame.

   The anger on Lu Jichi’s face dissipated as soon as Mr. Sun left.

   Rolling his eyes and getting out of bed, Lu Jichi silently despised the original owner who had been played like an unknowing fool, and considered going to the Duke of Anguo’s mansion to find a clue.

   At this time, Wei Yidao came in after finishing push-ups. Seeing the guy just sweating on his forehead without being red-faced or breathless, as if he was just going out for a troll, Lu Jichi, who just unintentionally punished him, was shocked, “Did you finish five hundred push-ups?”

   Wei Yidao patted his chest with an emotion of “His Highness is so gentle today,” and said, “I can do another five hundred!”

   Lu Jichi who huffed and puffed after doing one hundred push-ups was like, “…”

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