Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 4)

  Didn’t it stop? Why did she suddenly break out again?

  Lu Jichi was stunned for a while. When he saw the jealous and angry eyes of the Ninth Princess, he found out the relevant information from the original owner’s memory—the Ninth Princess liked Qin Zheng, the eldest son of the Qin family, and wanted to marry him. But Qin Zheng did not have the ambition to be a princess’s husband, so he always avoided her. The Ninth Princess couldn’t get what she wanted, but she always refused to give up. She harassed Qin Zheng even more vigorously, and also troubled several girls who admired Qin Zheng.

   She didn’t allow others to look at him, didn’t allow him to look at others, made him a bachelor even though he was in his twenties. This was her love for Qin Zheng.

   Lu Jichi twitched the corner of his mouth, deeply sympathized with the hapless eldest son of the Qin family for two seconds, and finally looked at the girl again.

   Qin Zheng was born into an ordinary family of generals, but he was brave and good at fighting, and he was a talented general. When Emperor Zhaoning led the troops to repel the North Xia by himself, Qin Zheng also followed, and made great contributions in that battle. Emperor Zhaoning admired him very much, put him in an important position as soon as they returned to the capital. And the Qin family became the home of upstarts in the capital.

   This girl called Qin Zheng big cousin, and also called his mother aunt… Lu Jichi tried to search the original owner’s memory, and before being stunned by the huge and complicated network, he struggled to identify her—the legitimate girl of the Duke of Rongguo’s third family, the Jiang’s Ah Heng.

   The Duke of Rongguo household was a century-old aristocratic name. Its ancestors included several patrons, two grand chancellors, and one grand tutor. But this generation had fallen a bit. The current Duke of Rongguo, that was, Jiang Heng’s eldest uncle, was a useless loser. There left the remaining masters, the Second died young, the Fourth was sour and the Fifth was just a dude. Only the Third one, Jiang Heng’ father, could support the family’s name.

   However, he wasn’t highly-valued in the household when he abandoned the pen for the sword and became a general. The Duke of Rongguo’s household regarded noble scholars higher than reckless generals. Moreover, Jiang’s Third Lord also married the daughter of the Qin family whose name was quite ordinary at that time. As his wife died unexpectedly after giving birth to Jiang Heng’s younger brother Jiang Ci, Jiang’s Third Master also remarried another wife from a scholar family at the strong request of the Old Lady Jiang. But this event was unpleasant to his wife—she was born into a noble family. Who would want to be sister with a person of such humble origin?

   But Jiang’s Third Lord didn’t care about the indifference of his family. He took his wife, concubines and children to the border, only came back on holidays.

   As for the original owner, he actually didn’t know the Jiang’s Fifth Mistress. The reason he knew so much was that he had just heard someone talk about her beautiful name a few days ago—the girl’s appearance was too in line with the current aesthetics. Her face was like a hibiscus, her body was like a willow. She was not seductive, but gentle and quiet instead. She was the type that men and mothers-in-law would like.

   In addition to her father’s capacity, she also got along well with the Qin family, especially Qin Zheng. In the palace, Consort Dowager Qin, who gave birth to the Ninth Prince in the palace, was also her mother’s sister. When the prior emperor had been in office, Consort Dowager Qin and the Ninth Prince hadn’t been favored, no one had taken them seriously. But after Emperor Zhaoning ascended the throne, the status of these two rose like a tidebecause Consort Dowager Qin and Empress Dowager She were close friends. Now that Luo Wang, the former Ninth Prince, had left the palace and built his own mansion, his mother still stayed in the palace. This was all because the Empress Dowager was reluctant to part with her.

   And Luo Wang, who had also been a little transparent child and whose biological mother had been not favored by the prior emperor like Emperor Zhaoning, had no ambition for a higher position. On the contrary, he had been obsessed with farming since he was young. He usually liked to dress up as a farmer and work in the field with a large hoe. To outsiders, this was certainly a great wonder that was willing to degenerate, but in the eyes of Emperor Zhaoning…

   Please give him a dozen more younger brothers like this!

   Therefore, Luo Wang was also the most favorite of Emperor Zhaoning among all his living younger brothers.

   Because of the aforementioned reasons, Jiang Heng had attracted a lot of attention when she came back to the capital two months ago. However, she was said to have engaged to the Marquis Yongan’s Hereditary Prince. This time, it seemed that she returned to the capital to get married and stayed for a long time… Although in Lu Jichi’s eyes, she just looked like a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old high school student.

   “Your Highness, you misunderstood,” Jiang Heng was surprised when she heard what the Ninth Princess said, not knowing of someone pitying her. “This pair of moonlight bead earrings was given by my aunt and has nothing to do with others.”

   The Ninth Princess wouldn’t listen. She had seen Qin Zheng picking the pair of moonlight bead earrings in the jewelry shop with her own eyes. These days, she had been wondering whom Qin Zheng would give it to. Now she suddenly found the answer. How could she stand it? Thinking of Qin Zheng’s refusal to get married, and seeing him defending his cousin Jiang Heng in every possible way, the Ninth Princess suddenly became sore with hatred.

   Probably jealousy made people think brilliantly, she thought about it and suddenly turned around, “You! You’ve just now dared to use Brother Qin as a threat to me!”

  Why was Jiang Heng going to her aunt’s place for a meal after leaving the palace? Why was she worried about her aunt’s health? She obviously used her aunt and Qin Zheng as a cover and threatened the Ninth Princess so that she wouldn’t be laid a hand on by the princess.

   She actually realized it?

   Jiang Heng raised her eyebrows calmly, chuckled silently. This pair of earrings had been really given to her by her aunt. Several cousins in her aunt’s household also had one each. But the little princess was getting angry. Even if she explained, the princess wouldn’t listen…

   The girl’s eyes turned slightly and flashed faintly. She was about to say something when footsteps suddenly came behind her

   “What happened?”

   She turned around and saw Jin Wang.

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   “Eleventh Brother!” Seeing Lu Jichi, the Ninth Princess’s eyes suddenly turned red, and she ran over in grievance and resentment.

   Lu Jichi didn’t really want to care about her. This girl’s personality was too annoying, but the original owner had always treated her better than the Tenth Princess, his sister from the same mother. In order not to be seen as strange, he could only soften his voice like the original owner, “Why did you gasp? Who made you angry again?”

   Lu Jichi’s arrival made the Ninth Princess’s reason on the verge of losing sanity return slightly. Although it wasn’t clear, Jiang Heng obviously meant to use Qin Zheng as a threat. If the princess really asked someone to lay a hand on Jiang Heng, Qin Zheng would hate her… He basically didn’t like the princess, she couldn’t leave him another bad impression. But if Jin Wang made this unfamiliar girl from a humble family suffer, would Jiang Heng dare to tell Qin Zheng that she instigated her brother?

   Thinking of this, she pointed at Jiang Heng and said in annoyance, “She! Eleventh Brother, she didn’t greet me, she even insulted me…”

   The white fat maid suddenly became nervous. Birds of a feather flocked together. The Ninth Princess was an unreasonable nuisance. How better could her close brother Jin Wang be? In case he really wanted to do something to her mistress, she…

   “Then you just slap her face.”

   “…?!” Looking at her elder brother’s “Come on, I’ll cheer you on” look, the Ninth Princess was stunned for a moment.

   “You are a blue-blooded princess. If someone offends you, just give her a slap,” Lu Jichi looked like a good elder brother, “Don’t worry, if Brother Emperor asks, I will protect you.”

   The Ninth Princess was like, “…”

   Although this unlucky elder brother still stood by her side like before, but why did she feel wrong?

   Seeing her staring at him silently, Lu Jichi secretly smiled inside, but raised an eyebrow, “What’s the matter? How daunting you are today. It’s not like you anymore.”

   Jin Wang was on bad terms with Qin Zheng, and he always disagreed that she liked Qin Zheng. The Ninth Princess dared not to tell the truth, faltered for a moment, then resisted her anger and muttered, “Because there was a nosy fellow told Brother Emperor that I was bossy the other day. Eleventh Brother, it is not convenient for me to act now, would you help me punish her?”

   Lu Jichi glanced at Jiang Heng. She was keeping her head low, looking docile and respectful.

   She didn’t even plead or defend herself?

   Lu Jichi was surprised and couldn’t help but looked at her a few more times. The Ninth Princess saw that and looked even more angry.

   This shameless bitch! She already had a fiancé, and still went around seducing other men, first Qin Zheng, and now her Eleventh Brother…

   Staring at the pair of brightly-lit moonlight bead earrings on Jiang Heng’s ears, the Ninth Princess felt sore and painful, began to act coquettishly when she pulled Lu Jichi’s sleeves.

   She has always been cute and lovable in front of the original owner. If the original owner was here, he would have had someone do punish Jiang Heng—What was the matter with beating a courtier’s daughter?

   As for this said courtier’s daughter was a fairy-like beauty…

   Sorry, but in the eyes of His Royal Highness Jin Wang, there was no difference between a beauty and Wei Yidao, a tall and rough man.

   However, Lu Jichi was a person with normal aesthetics, and he was not the kind of mentally retarded parents who could indulge their little brats infinitely. Therefore, despite her coquetry, the Ninth Princess only got a surprising reaction, “What a coincidence? Yesterday someone impeached me!”

   There was nothing else.

   After a long while, the Ninth Princess, who was waiting for him to continue, was like, “…”

   Jiang Heng couldn’t resist a chuckle, although there was no sound, it was enough to make people embarrassed.

   The Ninth Princess trembled all over, and raised her hands fiercely as if she lost her reason, “Bitch! How dare you laugh at me!”

   Jiang Heng didn’t hide, looked up at her, smiled, and mouth a word, “big cousin”.

   The Ninth Princess returned to her senses in an instant, at the same time no longer raised her hands. One breath stuck in her chest, she was almost suffocating.

   Looking back at Lu Jichi, she only found that he was just gazing at her with encouragement and didn’t mean to stand up for her.

   The Ninth Princess’s lips trembled, she finally couldn’t help bursting into tears.

   “Eleventh Brother, you have changed! I won’t pay attention to you anymore!” In the end, she stamped her feet severely, and ran away with tears.

  Your Eleventh Brother not only changed, but also changed thoroughly… Lu Jichi didn’t follow her, only pretended to give a few words to the nearby court lady, and then turned to look at Jiang Heng.

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