Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 3)

   Last night, when the Duke of Anguo celebrated his seventieth birthday, the original owner went to the banquet. After drinking too much, he left early. Later… Lu Jichi tried to think about it, found that the original owner’s memory was broken by this point, and the rest was his own memory.

   So his being seduced, his being a rogue, his being pushed into the water, all of them was not a dream, but a reality?!

   Remembering the hot feeling and extreme discomfort at that time, Lu Jichi twitched the corner of his mouth. How did the Crossing God play him by choosing such a wretched time for him to cross! But obviously, the original owner had been played too…

   As for who did it to him, Lu Jichi flipped through the original owner’s memory, but couldn’t find the answer. He didn’t think more because Emperor Zhaoning was still waiting for his answer.

   “It’s just that I drank too much and accidentally stepped on the air. It was no big deal. Thank you for your concern, Brother Emperor.” This incident was related to his crossing. Lu Jichi didn’t dare to tell the truth before finding out what had happene, so he just nonchalantly answered.

   Emperor Zhaoning raised his eyebrows and didn’t ask more.

   “That’s good,” he raised his cup, sipped the tea, then said with a smile, “Anyway, you’re not too young any more, do you have any girl that you favor? If so, tell me, and I’ll give you my word to marry.”

   “No,” Lu Jichi snorted disgustedly like the original owner without waiting for Emperor Zhaoning to finish. “It’s annoying to see them pretend.”

   “Not all girls are like that. If you look carefully, you will definitely find a suitable one.” Emperor Zhaoning smiled and said casually, “Or if you tell me what type of girl that you favor, I will help you find?”

   This was temptation!

   Lu Jichi grimaced slightly, and pouted his lips to reveal a reluctant expression, “It’s alright… but she must be good-looking, gentle, and not annoying.”

   Emperor Zhaoning was quite surprised at Lu Jichi’s blunt words.

   No one else knew that this little brat of a younger brother had been jumping up and down to find a capable in-laws to help him, but he knew it all. But now…

   Emperor Zhaoning groaned inside, but smiled without showing anything on his face, “Alright, I’ll ask your sister-in-law to find for you herself.”

   (Note by editor: Here the emperor means his wife, the queen consort).


   As soon as he left the Imperial Study, he met Wei Yidao’s bewildered eyes. Lu Jichi coughed lightly and patted the man’s shoulder, “Go home.”

   Wei Yidao subconsciously kept up with his master before he came back to his senses.

   “Your Highness! How could you just…”

   His voice was loud, and his words were thunderous. Lu Jichi was taken aback and hurriedly interrupted, “I’ll talk about it after we return home.”

   Didn’t he see the court ladies and eunuchs all around!


   “Shut up!”

   “… Oh.”

  Looking at this aggrieved buddy, Lu Jichi was tired to no end.

  The original owner’s people either had delusions of grandeur or had a one-track mind, he still wanted to lead a rebellion and become an emperor? He was not just a fool! Thinking about his tremble when facing Emperor Zhaoning, Lu Jichi couldn’t help but quicken his pace.

   Although Emperor Zhaoning always smiled and had a gentle attitude, Lu Jichi had an intuition that the emperor knew what the original owner wanted to do.

   The reason why no action had been taken was that the emperor remembered the favor of the original owner’s biological mother. But no matter how great the gratitude was, there would always be a day when it would be exhausted. Moreover, the nature of today’s incident was so serious that it was no longer a small joke that could be forgiven. Anyway, if he was Emperor Zhaoning, if the rebellion was started, he would definitely not let go of the original owner again. It was said that a villain was hard to prevent. If someone had already been malicious in his heart, who knew what could he do?

   The more Lu Jichi thought about it, the more unpleasant he felt. He silently cursed the Crossing God again, and whispered to Wei Yidao, “Send an order to Meiren Liu immediately. Halt the plan. Don’t mess it up.”

   Wei Yidao wanted to talk, but Lu Jichi didn’t give him the opportunity, “I suspect that my Brother Emperor already knew our plan, and he is now waiting for us to walk right into the trap.”

   Wei Yidao’s complexion changed suddenly, and he lowered his voice after a long while, “How could this happen! Could there be… a spy among our people?!”

   Seeing that he was convinced, and took the initiative to make up a perfect excuse, Lu Jichi was silent for a moment and nodded solemnly, “So, before finding out what was going on…”

   “Do not act recklessly!”

   “… Yes.”

   “Your Highness, don’t worry, I’ll do it! And that spy…” Wei Yidao squeezed his fist with a fierce look, “Dare to betray Your Highness, let’s see how I smash his head!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   As long as you were happy.

   As they walked outside the palace, Wei Yidao suddenly patted his forehead, “I almost forgot! This morning, Mr. Sun reported that the Empress Dowager accidentally fell down while visiting the Royal Garden last night. Your Highness, you should go visit her!”

   Lu Jichi had been worrying sick about saving his life and returning to modern times, so he didn’t really want to go. But Empress Dowager She was Emperor Zhaoning’s biological mother, and also his nominal Queen Mother, so he couldn’t help but go.

   (Note by editor: She is a surname in Chinese).

   “I see, you go quickly, don’t delay the business.” After he finished talking, he sighed silently, and turned to Shouning Palace.

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   “Empress Dowager is tired and is taking a rest. The imperial physician gave a direction that she should not be disturbed. Therefore, Your Highness, you should leave and come back when Empress Dowager is better.”

   Empress Dowager She had a humble background and a dull personality. Her relationship with her own son, Emperor Zhaoning, was very ordinary, let alone other princes. Therefore, Lu Jichi didn’t feel weird when she refused to see him. He just gestured and said a few clichés to the court lady who came out to reply like the original owner, and then he excused himself.

   Wei Yidao had already left, Lu Jichi walked alone on the way out of the palace, his chaotic mood gradually calmed down.

   Although Lu Jichi just graduated from university, his life had been filled with bullshits since he was a child. His bastard father had cheated on his mother, abandoned her and him for the sake of a lover. The lover disliked his father because he was too old and gave him a bad name. His father was sad and angry. Before he died, he left his huge inheritance to the son of his wretched wife… Anyway, it was more exciting than TV dramas. So although this crossing was kind of imaginary, Lu Jichi quickly adjusted his mood and began to think about what to do next.

  The first thing was to save his lifethis was not particularly difficult. Emperor Zhaoning owed a debt of gratitude to the original owner’s biological mother. Under normal circumstances, Emperor Zhaoning would not take Lu Jichi’s life. Lu Jichi just needed to be a little more careful in order not to reveal his identity, and to stop his deadly rebellious actions.

  The second thing was to try to get back to modern timesthis was more difficult, because he had no idea why and how he crossed.

   It happened to him that he could only go to the place where the incident occurred last night to see if he could find any clues. The girl who tried to seduce the original owner and later threw him into the water might know something…

   “I said slap her! Are you all deaf!”

   The sudden yelling interrupted Lu Jichi’s thoughts. He looked up and saw that there was a brightly dressed girl with a proud look. She was about fourteen or fifteen years old. She was pointing at a girl in a water-blue dress whom she wanted to beat.

   The girl’s dark hair was drooping, and her figure was slim. Although her face couldn’t be seen clearly, her beauty couldn’t be hidden. Behind her was a fat little maid. He felt an inexplicable sense of joy seeing the combination of one slim and one fat, one tall and one short girls standing together.

   Because of their looks, Lu Jichi immediately recognized that they were the pair of mistress and maid he had met on his way to the Imperial Palace before. However, the original owner didn’t know them, but he knew the girl who was going to beat people. Lu Jichi knew her identity at a glancethe Ninth Princess, the prior emperor’s most favorite daughter. Because her biological mother, Concubine Chengtai, and the original owner’s biological mother were cousins, she had always been having a good relationship with him.

   This girl who was willful and arrogant was a real little brat. How did they provoke her?

   The sense of justice in his bones told Lu Jichi to go up and help out with some hesitation, but the the girl suddenly said, “Your Highness, please calm down. I don’t know if I did something wrong to make you so angry?”

  The voice was soft, inexplicably familiar, Lu Jichi was taken aback, somehow he thought of the girl who pushed him into the water last night.

   Although he was confused and uncertain at the time, it sounded very similar…

   Could it be her?!

   “That’s fine if you see a princess and don’t greet her, but you still dare to contradict her. Fifth Mistress, do you still feel that you didn’t do anything wrong?!”

   It was the court lady of the Ninth Princess who talked. The white fat maid saw her roll up the sleeves in order to lay a hand on her mistress, she was anxious to help refute, but was stopped by a look in her mistress’s eyes.

   “I dare not, just now…” The girl raised her head slightly, revealing a pale, gentle, extremely beautiful face.

   Lu Jichi’s pupils shrank, and he felt like his heart was hit hard by something. However, no matter how beautiful she was, she was still an underage girl. After admiring her, he withdrew his gaze very honestly. He silently considered that although he really deserved what he got last night, this girl looked gentle and dignified, she shouldn’t have pushed him directly into the river?

   “Nonsense, do it!”

   The Ninth Princess obviously didn’t intend to listen to her explanation. The girl was helpless, so she could only step back and said, “Your Highness, you are superior, I am inferior. If you want to beat me, I naturally won’t dare to refuse. But just before going to the palace, my aunt sent a direction for me to see her after leaving here. My eldest cousin came back from the army and wanted to have a meal with his siblings and cousins. I’m afraid to make the elders worried. Could you show me mercy and grant me the favor of another kind of punishment, Your Highness?”

   The Ninth Princess froze for a moment and then sneered, “You really take yourself seriously, and dare to bargain with me?”

   “I dare not. But my aunt is not in good health, I really don’t want to make her worried. And my eldest cousin…” The girl paused slightly, “He cares about my aunt the most. If my aunt is upset, maybe he will…”

   The Ninth Princess’s expression changed slightly, and it took her a long time to snort unwillingly: “Forget it, I will spare you today. Get out of here quickly, and don’t appear in front of me in the future!”

   “Thank you for your kindness, Your Highness.” The girl lowered her lids to cover the light at the bottom of her eyes, slightly bowed, and left with her fat maid.

   The Ninth Princess pouted her lips and turned around to leave, but at the moment she turned her head, she happened to see something, halted her action, and said: “Stop!”

   Without waiting for the girl to react, she ran over with her hand raising the dress, “What are you wearing on your ears?!”

   The girl was taken aback, seemingly puzzled. But before she could say anything, the Ninth Princess already denounced in a high pitch, “He actually gave you this pair of moonlight bead earrings… You shameless thing! You already have a fiancé, but still go around seducing others! Someone! Slap her face!”

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