Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 2)

  The chariot galloped on the way to the Imperial Palace, Lu Jichi flipped through the memory of Emperor Zhaoning, and 10,000 “dammit” words flashed through his mind.

  The prior emperor was fatuous, and ignored political affairs. In addition to playing baby-making games with his concubines, he also took drugs. As a result, he finally killed himself three years ago.

   After his death, the Crown Prince should have succeeded, but he was killed by someone sent by the Second Prince. The Second Prince’s neck was slashed by the coalition of the Third and Fourth Princes. Then the Fifth, the Sixth and the Eighth Princes joined the melee, and the brothers of the prior emperor also took advantage of the wave. A bunch of people fought for the throne, making people miserable. The Zhou Dynasty was about to fall.

   By this time, the North Xia, the most powerful foreign enemy of the Zhou Dynasty, also fished in troubled waters and suddenly mounted an invasion. The dynasty was precarious in the midst of a raging storm of foreign and internal troubles. Just when everyone thought that the dynasty was about to end, the Seventh Prince, whose maternal side was humble, and was not favored by the emperor, took the lives of aforementioned brothers and uncles, and successfully ascended to the throne.

   After proclaiming himself king, Emperor Zhaoning first quelled the internal chaos by thunderous tricks, then led the troops of 100,000 soldiers to repel the mighty North Xia warriors by himself, and successfully saved the dynasty. Although the Zhou dynasty had not completely recovered from the war, it was believed that in another eight or ten years, it would be able to reproduce its former prosperity and strength under his diligent management.

  —Alright, the person the original owner wanted to rebel against was such an awesome character who could compare with Qin Shi Huang and Emperor Wu of Han.

   (Note by editor: the original owner was Jin Wang who Lu Jichi was crossed into).

   Lu Jichi almost wanted to physically forced the original owner to kneel down.

   It was not difficult to understand that people of the same royal bloodline wouldn’t be willing to succumb to another, and wanted to lead a rebellion for the throne. In history, many villains had successfully climbed to the top by killing their fathers and brothers. But what’s important was that you must have played to your strengths, youngster!

   It would be reasonable if this Emperor Zhaoning was a trash snack like the prior emperor, but he was not. He was a big boss who could turn you into a scum, so when throwing a straw against the wind, were you tired of life, or afraid that it was too long?!

   Recalling the brutal methods used by Emperor Zhaoning to deal with his dead brothers before, Lu Jichi was numb, and couldn’t help but urged, “Hurry up!”

   Wei Yidao, who was driving the chariot outside, was a little puzzled, but when he thought of His Royal Highness’s bad temper, he didn’t dare to ask more. He only hated Emperor Zhaoning a bit more–how bad the emperor must have been to make his master not stand waiting and go to the palace right away to see his brother’s bad luck in person?

   While he was thinking, the chariot reached the destination. Lu Jichi jumped out of it and ran to the Inner Palace.

   In order to avoid suspicion, a prince who had a title could no longer go to the Inner Palace at his will, but the situation was critical at the moment, and Lu Jichi couldn’t remember this. Wei Yidao wanted to remind him, but before he could open his mouth, he saw the confidant servant of Emperor Zhaoning, Lin Fulai, coming.

   The beardless white-faced old eunuch was smiling to greet a girl in a water-blue dress.

   The girl lowered her head, her face couldn’t be seen clearly, only her white chin was exposed. She was not short in stature, she was slim and slender, standing there gracefully, in sharp contrast with the bun-like maid behind her. She was indescribably elegant and beautiful.

   But Lu Jichi wasn’t in the mood to appreciate beauty at the moment, so he glanced subconsciously and then withdrew his attention. However, beside her, Lin Fulai heard the footsteps and bowed his head to greet him.

   “Your Highness Jin Wang, for what reason do you come to the palace now?”

  Lu Jichi recognized Lin Fulai’s identity, learned the original owner’s arrogant gesture, and said, “Ben Wang has something to discuss with my Brother Emperor, where is he?”

   “His Majesty is in the Imperial Study…” So he wasn’t going to see Meiren Liu! While Lu Jichi’s heart loosened, Lin Fulai smiled and continued, “… teaching Liu Niang Niang to write.”

   (Note by editor: Niang Niang is what lower-ranked concubines or people address a higher-ranked concubine).

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   Would you die if you said a whole sentence in one breath?

  Turning around with his uncomfortable heart, Lu Jichi ran to the Imperial Study according to the memory of the original owner. When passing by the girl, she bowed respectfully and greeted, “Your Highness.”

  Her voice was soft and waxy, and sounded familiar, but Lu Jichi didn’t have time to see to her at the moment, and ran over without any reaction.

  The girl glanced at him for a moment, slightly curled her lips, took the maid to say goodbye to Lin Fulai, then turned and walked to the Inner Palace.

   But Lu Jichi…

   As soon as he walked in, he saw Meiren Liu carrying a bowl of soup to feed Emperor Zhaoning. The youngster cursed silently a “holy shit”, rushed to grab the bowl without thinking, and drank it all.


   After a while, in a dead silence, Lu Jichi put down the porcelain bowl, and smiled dryly at Emperor Zhaoning, “I… just happen to be a little thirsty.”

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   Emperor Zhaoning was a gentle-looking young man. His facial features could be called delicate, but he was born with a pair of smiling eyes, so he looked very kind. He was now only twenty-six years old, at the best time of his life. He was wearing a crescent-colored uniform, looking like an elegant scholar.

   However, Lu Jichi knew that all of this was a false impression. This Brother Emperor of him was a smiling tiger who ate people without blinking. Therefore, after returning to his senses and seeing the emperor staring at himself and not talking, Lu Jichi cursed another “dammit” in silence, and then pinched his thigh, his eyes went red.

   “I… I was out of state, I made a mistake, but Brother Emperor, I just…” He lowered his head and looked a little pitiful, “I just had a dream.”

   He had always been proud and straightforward. Had he ever been so dull? Emperor Zhaoning’s eyes flickered, he waved his hand to signal Meiren Liu and the others to retreat. Only then did he say warmly, “Alright, it’s just a bowl of soup. Tell me, what dream could scare you like this?”

   Lu Jichi searched the memory of the original owner, pinched his thigh, and whispered, “I dreamed that when I was seven years old, you almost drowned in order to save me, Brother Emperor,…”

   Emperor Zhaoning was startled.

   “At that time, I was young and insensible. Seeing that the koi in the lotus pond grew fat, I went to catch it, but accidentally slipped down. Brother Emperor, if you hadn’t passed by and caught me up in time, I was afraid I would have already…” His thigh hurt, Lu Jichi hung up and beat the original owner in his mind twice, his eyes became more red, “At that time, it was cold, you were struggling to pull me ashore, but your calf cramped and you almost failed to come up.”

   Thinking of the pure and beautiful teenage days, Emperor Zhaoning’s eyes warmed slightly, “Yes, fortunately, you cried so loudly that you attracted the nearby imperial guards.”

   Lu Jichi also showed his nostalgia in cooperation, but he quickly pursed his lips, “At that time, I was very grateful, and secretly vowed to be nice to you for the rest of my life, Brother Emperor, but later…”

   “What happened later?” The Emperor Zhaoning calmly swept his eyes across the soup residue that accidentally touched the youngster’s chest, and said with emotion, “I remember that, after that incident, you were very clingy to me for a while, follow me like a little tail wherever I go, but it seems that… in less than a month, you didn’t care about me anymore, you didn’t say anything when I asked you, you just pouted your small mouth and said that I was too annoying.”

   Lu Jichi was silent for a long while, and whispered, “Eighth Brother told me that you saved me not from your heart, but… but just to attract Father Emperor’s attention.”

   This was true, but in fact, the original owner couldn’t remember which elder brother told him that. Anyway, the Eighth Prince is already a dead ghost, and Lu Jichi blamed him without any burden.

   “That’s how it was.” The Eighth Prince was indeed a person who liked to gossip. Emperor Zhaoning also thought that the prior emperor treated him kindly for a while because of this incident, but shook his head and laughed, “No wonder you suddenly refused to pay attention to me.”

   Jin Wang’s biological mother, Concubine Rong, was a daughter of Marquis Zhenyuan. She was a noble and talented girl, and was favored by the prior emperor. In addition, Jin Wang was the youngest of the prior emperor’ eleven sons, and he got the imperial favor. The child who was spoiled was naturally more arrogant than others. When Jin Wang learned that his Seventh Brother, whom he regarded as his lifesaver, had not really wanted to save him, but just took advantage of the accident, he became angry and never wanted to talk and became a bully to his brother.

   If it weren’t for Concubine Rong helping Emperor Zhaoning with her own life in the most difficult time before he ascended the throne, Lu Jichi felt that the original owner would have been sent down to accompany his other dead brothers by the emperor long ago. But he still didn’t know how to cherish his luck, yet he wanted to rebel against his brother…

  Lu Jichi felt that he was really bloody unfortunate. After crossing into such a guy, he felt choked. He raised a pair of bright red eyes to look at Emperor Zhaoning, “Brother Emperor… did you really want to save me back then?”

   Emperor Zhaoning didn’t expect that he would ask so directly, he laughed after a pause, “Of course I did, no matter what edge I could take, I would not be shameless enough to take advantage of a child.”

   Without waiting for Lu Jichi’s answer, he raised his eyebrows doubtfully, “You have always been proud and unconcerned, why are you suddenly sentimental today? And your crying look just now…”

   When the emperor knocked on the armrest of the chair casually, Lu Jichi’s heart jumped along a drum sound.

   Why did he feel that this big brother of the original owner happened to know the secret… This idea made Lu Jichi’s spine chilling, and he pinched his thigh without even thinking about it.

   “No wonder my Mother Concubine in the dream kept scolding me and told me to say sorry to you. So… Brother Emperor, sorry, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have listened to the provocation of the bastard Eighth Brother, and misunderstood you for so many years. …”

   Looking at Lu Jichi, who was crying loudly, rushing over to hug him, Emperor Zhaoning was like, “…”

   For the first time, the emperor found that he couldn’t understand his little brat of a younger brother.

   Indeed, the more he grew up, the deeper his scheming was?

   While the emperor was thinking about what to say, his little brat of a younger brother continued, “My Mother Concubine gave me a severe lesson last night, Brother Emperor, I swore an oath to her that I would never… go against you again! Let’s treat each other well in the future and be good brothers again!”

   Looking at those peach-blossom eyes that swept him away from the past which showed no more ambition, Emperor Zhaoning was startled, somehow he wanted to believe his words for a moment.

   But it was only a moment. He lowered his eyes and patted his younger brother’s shoulder gently, “If your Mother Concubine knew that you were so sensible, she must be very happy.”

  Lu Jichi was not disappointed either. It would be strange if Emperor Zhaoning would immediately believe him after his attitude changed so suddenly, but the immediate crisis was resolved somehow, his heart was slightly relieved, and he secretly released a breath.

  While he was hesitating whether to stupidly told Emperor Zhaoning to trust himself more, the emperor talked again, “You kept on saying that you were dreaming, but were you shocked at the Duke Anguo’s Mansion last night? I don’t know what happened. Why did you fall into the water? Was it a big problem?”

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