Ben Wang Wants To Be Quiet (Chapter 1)


   It was as hot as a blazing fire.

   Lu Jichi pulled the neckline impatiently, trying to pull the tie off his neck.

   However, there was neither tie nor button. The fabric in his hand was slippery and felt like silk.

  … But he had just attended the funeral of his bastard father, and had no time to change his suit?

   Lu Jichi had a moment of clarity in his mind, but he soon became confused again. It felt uncomfortable as if the body was burning up, especially in an indescribable place, it was even more eager to move, as if to explode.

   “Your Highness,” suddenly a faint fragrance came head-on, and a shy, timid voice sounded, “Ah! Your face is so red, but why are you uncomfortable?”

   Your Highness?

   What the hell?

   Lu Jichi was stunned for a while, trying to open his heavy eyes, but there was only a blur of night in front of him, occasionally a few lights flashed by, and it seemed that he was also far away.

   Where was this? Wasn’t he driving home?

   “Your Highness?” The unfamiliar female voice got closer and closer, “Are you tired?”

   Not tired.

   He was just dying of heat.

   He was about to ask if she could buy him a bottle of water, the owner of that voice suddenly leaned over to support him, exhaling in his ear, “Your Highness, if you are tired, can I help you rest?”


   Lu Jichi instinctively sensed something wrong, and was just about to refuse. Suddenly, a gust of wind struck, the woman holding him exclaimed and fell off softly.

   “Girl, it’s alright.” The extremely low voice sounded as far as near. Lu Jichi tried to open his eyes wide, but still couldn’t see clearly. He twisted his eyebrows and staggered two steps forward by feeling. He wanted to say something, but his foot kicked something, and his whole body planted forward uncontrollably.


   There was a low exclamation sound, but Lu Jichi couldn’t hear it clearly. He seemed to hit something cold, fragrant, soft, and comfortable…

   He couldn’t help hugging the “thing” tightly and rubbing his chin against “it”.

   The “thing” seemed to be struggling to push him twice, but Lu Jichi was completely confused now, only his instinct remained.

   “Rogue! Let go of my girl!”

   The hair was pulled hard. Lu Jichi was slightly awake after the pain. Just about to look up, he listened to a soft and pleasant female voice and said calmly, “His Royal Highness Jin Wang accidentally fell into the water after drinking too much. Call someone to fetch him up.”

   After drinking too much, accidentally fell into the water?

   A bad premonition flashed through Lu Jichi’s bewildered mind. The next moment, the person in his arms struggled and pushed him out. He took two steps back subconsciously, but didn’t think the ground under his feet would be empty…


   After a loud noise, the cold water flooded him.

   “Oh! Someone has fallen into the water here! Someone! Help!”

   Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   He wanted to curse, but his consciousness began to dissipate. After a while, darkness swept through him.


   Lu Jichi was awakened by something licking his face.

   A big barbed tongue was covered with water, one lick by one lick, his face was about to fall off.

   “… Dan… Brother Dan, forgive me.” His consciousness finally broke free from the long darkness, he lifted his heavy eyelids with difficulty, and met a pair of big amber eyes in a daze.

   Amber? No, the eyes of his Two Eggs were clearly green…

   Lu Jichi was at a loss for a moment, and looked intently.

   Yellow hair, dark spots, vigorous physique, a pair of bright amber eyes, full of sharp teeth… Holy shit! Where was his fat cat Too Eggs, this was clearly a big adult leopard!

   Lu Jichi was sober in an instant and almost scared to pee. The big leopard seemed very happy to see that he was awake, kept licking him without saying, and cried “meow”, thrusted the head into his arms.

   Lu Jichi, who had only seen these big guys from afar in the zoo before, was like, “…”

   The leopard’s cry was as cute as his cat… No, that was not the point. The point was, where did this big guy come from?!

   “Your Highness, are you awake?”

   Suddenly a strange voice came from the door, and Lu Jichi subconsciously looked up.

   The man was in his thirties, as tall as a bear, with strong muscles. His fortitude face was entrenched with a long knife scar like an index finger, and he had a wicked vibe of “I’m not easy to mess with” in his ferocious body. He wore a dark blue round-necked long robe, a crown on his hair, and a long sword on his waist, all of which turned out to be an ancient costume!

   He took another look at the embroidered brocade quilt on his body, as well as the antique furnishings in this room…

   Lu Jichi was quiet for a while, turned his head, and closed his eyes.

   He must have been dreaming.

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   “… Your Highness?”


   “What’s wrong with you?”

  ”Meow meow?”

   However, the voice of that person and leopard did not disappear, but became clearer. Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   After pinching himself twice, he opened his eyes and beckoned to the fierce man, “Come here.”

   The man was a little puzzled, but he still did what he was told.

   Lu Jichi grabbed his rough big hand.

   The man was like, “…?!”

   Good real touch… Lu Jichi parted his lips slowly. When he wanted to talk, something unfamiliar rushed in his mind.

   “… Your Highness?” Thinking of his master’s daily view of womanhood as dirt, Wei Yidao’s eyes twitched, his heart gradually cooled down, he began to think whether he wanted to serve His Royal Highness if his master was really a broken sleeve like outsiders guessed.

   (Note by editor: In Chinese ancient times, a broken sleeve is a euphemism for “gayness”.)

   Lu Jichi didn’t know that there was a silly thought under this buddy’s fierce appearance. After a moment of silence, he stiffly let go of the man’s hand, and said, “Well… I’ll sleep again, you go out first.”

   Wei Yidao felt relieved, quickly withdrew his hand, and said, “Your Highness, are you uncomfortable?”

   It didn’t look right!

   “No, I’m just a little sleepy, go ahead.”

   Seeing his insistence, although Wei Yidao was puzzled, he still retreated with the big leopard.

   Lu Jichi sat stiffly on the bed for a while, caught a glimpse of the carved bronze mirror on the desk not far away, slowly got out of the bed and walked over.

   The youngster reflected in the bronze mirror, seventeen or eighteen years old, with a high nose, thick eyebrows, handsome features, and very good-looking appearance, but he had delusions of grandeur of “The whole world owes me five million, I will get it back sooner or later” in his arrogant look and gloomy eyes.

   Lu Jichi twitched the corners of his mouth, and rubbed his face vigorously before rubbing the painful expression away.

   Looking in the mirror again, he felt much better. But…

   Was he catching up with the legendary crossing tide?

   (Note by editor: In Chinese literature, crossing means traveling through space and time).

   Staring at the face half like himself in the mirror, Lu Jichi lost in deep thoughts.

   He remembered that when the accident happened, he had just finished attending the funeral of his bastard father. At that time, it was gloomy and stormy. He had been driving slowly on the way home in a bad mood when a little brat suddenly rushed out to the road. He had hurriedly stepped on the brake and was rear-ended. But their speed wasn’t so fast that it wouldn’t be any big deal. How could he become Jin Wang of this Zhou Dynasty in the blink of an eye?

   Leaning on the chair and slowly sitting down, Lu Jichi sadly examined the memory that did not belong to him.

  Lu Jichi, eighteen years old, was the half-brother of Emperor Zhaoning, appointed the title of Jin Wang, was quite imperial-favored because Emperor Zhaoning owed a debt of gratitude to his biological mother.

  ”But I was born just a few years later. In terms of birth and ability, how can he compare to me? Why is this throne not for me?! Let’s see, this dynasty will sooner or later fall into the hands of Ben Wang! Don’t worry, as long as you work hard for Ben Wang, after the deed is done, Ben Wang will honor each of you with knighthood!”

   (Note by editor: Ben Wang is a pronoun a prince uses to refer to himself in third person).

   Seeing his body’s owner appearance in his mind patting his chest and shouting in the wind, Lu Jichi was like, “…”

   Illness must be cured, youngster!

   When he was digesting the story, suddenly there came the sound of hurried footsteps outside.

   “Your Highness! Are you asleep?”

   It was the voice of the aforementioned buddy who sounded very excited. Lu Jichi hesitated for a while before returning to the bed to lie down, and said, “Come in.”

   The ancient people were superstitious, so he couldn’t reveal his flaws until he found a way to go back, or they would force him to take medicine. Lu Jichi sighed fiercely when he thought of his mother, Ms. Fang Zhenzhu, who was still waiting for him to return.

   “Your Highness! Good news! Our plan is about to be completed!” The door was pushed open, and Wei Yidao rushed in with a smile of joy.

   Lu Jichi returned to his senses, inexplicably had a bad feeling, and asked, “What plan?”

   Wei Yidao was taken aback, asked him, “It’s Meiren Liu plan! You forgot?”

   (Note by editor: Meiren is a rank in the imperial Chinese harem which means a beautiful person).

   Meiren Liu… Lu Jichi turned over the memory of the original owner, and his whole body was not good.

   Meiren Liu was the spy who the original owner had put into the emperor’s harem with great effort. The original owner asked her to find a chance to get close to Emperor Zhaoning to spike his drink and make him go insane, so that he could lose control of the royal court, then the original owner would take advantage of it. Meiren Liu had never been favored before, so this plan had not been able to unfold smoothly. A few days ago, she had finally got the favor of Emperor Zhaoning, and good news came out.

   “Mr. Sun asked me to tell you that he had sent someone to help Meiren Liu. Your Highness, you can rest assured that we will definitely succeed this time!” Wei Yidao lowered his voice and showed a vicious expression on his face, “After today, that one in the palace will gradually become our puppet, your great cause…”

   Lu Jichi astoundingly interrupted him, “When will she actually do it?”

   “Meiren Liu just got her favor a few days ago. His Majesty feels resh with her. Lately, he has gone to her palace for lunch, so I guess while they are eating, she will…”

   Wei Yidao showed a grin that could scare a child to cry, dreamed of a bright future when Lu Jichi jumped up and down, ordered him, “Get the chariot! Get the chariot now!”

   What would His Royal Highness call for the chariot now? It was time for lunch! Wei Yidao was a little dazed, but he had always been obedient to Lu Jichi. Although he was suspicious, he didn’t ask more, and quickly assigned a subordinate to prepare a chariot to the Imperial Palace under Lu Jichi’s command.

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